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Question to Australians--about cookies (eating kind, not computer kind)

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  • Question to Australians--about cookies (eating kind, not computer kind)

    At Christmas time, in the USA, the baked goods company Pepperidge Farm, puts out a chocolate covered sugar wafer cookie they call TimTam.
    Below the cookie name it says "Australia's favorite cookie".
    But these are US packages.

    Are these even sold in Australia?
    And do Australians have some kind of poll where they tell their favorite cookies?
    In USA I was told the favorite type of cookie is chocolate chip.

    Sounds like a phony claim to me, but it is such a bizarre phony claim.
    Why not the favorite cookie of Zimbabwe, or Lithuania?

    I figure I should ask an Australian if they have chocolate covered sugar wafer cookies as a special seasonal treat, or if this is just advertising hyperbole.
    I wouldn't want this kind of cookie in mid summer.
    It would melt all over my fingers-yuck.

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    I'd say they are Australia's favorite, however we'd never call it a cookie, it's a biscuit to us. And it's not a seasonal thing.
    I vaguely remember a short while back the "tim tam" was also being made outside of Australia for international markets and the quality was inferior so who knows what you're getting but they are made by "Arnott's" which is a subsidiary of the Campbell Soup, if Pepperidge Farm is also a subsidiary of Campbell soup you might be getting the "real thing".

    Bite a bit off each end and use "cookie" as a straw in coffee and tell me it's not great.


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      Myself, I'd prefer a Lamington if i was going to have an Antipodean treat. Mind you, they are shite as straws, but wizard as sponges. Why have biscuits when you can have cake?


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        I'm not going to buy them unless they are NASCAR or the NFL's official cookie.
        Lark Parker --Just an innocent possum strolling down life's highway.


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          I looked it up, and yes, Pepperidge Farm is now a division of the Campbell's soup company.
          But it says right on the package "Australia's Favorite Cookie!" and "Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies."
          Nowhere does it say biscuit.
          Obviously the package is different in Australia.

          Gee, now I have to figure out how to get an Arnott's, without spending $900 plane fare--to see if they are the same, or not.
          These are VERY good, so if they are inferior to something, I can't imagine what!
          They actually come in several varieties but I like the all chocolate version.


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            Does the package mention "Made in Australia" ?

            $890 saved


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              No. The package does not say made in anyplace (which means it was made inside the USA).
              It only says it is Australia's favorite.
              I can understand that on a package of vegemite or a Pavlova, but cookies?
              No clue why they mention Australia at all.


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                Why not mention that it's Australia's favorite cookie on the packaging? If the Aussies like them that much, then we Americans would probably like them too (afterall, we both like Studebakers!) and may be more inclined to try them upon seeing this labeled on the packaging. On second thought, this strategy hasn't worked out for the makers of Vegemite....
                In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                  Cream cheese is not made in Philadelphia. Kraft figured out that if the classy people of Philly liked something, everyone else would too.
                  So if something was Australia's favourite, well, I'd give it a try. Peppermint Bordeaux doesn't scare me a bit.

                  The only thing I don't like about Tooth's Sheaf Stout is, it's so hard to say three times fast. And after three, it's hard to say anything fast.


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                    TIM TAMS ARE WONDERFUL !

                    I was introduced to these tasty little things on a QUANTAS flight to Australia a couple of years ago. All during our month long stay, I, as well as my travel companions, were constantly buying Tim Tams to satisfy our newly developed lust for these treats, which started to border on being addictive.

                    Once home, for a while, we would order from the website and have a big box shipped to us. Happy times !

                    World Market sells them, although they don't carry all varieties. They have the regular chocolate covered, and caramel filled ones. Again, happy times !

                    While you are there, pick up some Vegemite. It puts "a rose on every cheek."

                    Bill Sapp
                    Hamlet, NC


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                      I had a friend in Austrailia send me some tim-Tams & I was addicted instantly! If you do a search you'll find they come in a variety of flavors (flavours??) too including (if I remember right) Tia Maria. And yes, they call them biscuits there but to us here in the colonies they are cookies. There was a shop in Northern California that was importing them...dont know if they still are.
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