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Hot rods in the Sixties

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  • Hot rods in the Sixties

    This link shows many interesting cars at a show at the Cow Palace in the 60's. It includes Craig Breedlove's car, briefly. Also, some time at the track. Hope you haven't seen it before.
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    Pretty cool! .... My thoughts...where are those rods now?

    Who inspired who...the artist of the Rat Fink cartoons in Mad Magazine or the creators of the Rods? Back then, I was stationed at Bergstrom AFB in Austin Texas spending evenings harassing the girls at Steak n Shake.

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      That's very cool! I really miss Carlsbad Raceway... my brother ran there a lot in the 60s. Lots of good memories in that show...

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        Very good job on the slide show and music and thanks for sharing. Several of the custom rods I have to believe if national show winners were probably used as models for some of the early hot wheels cars. When Hot Wheels were introduced in 1968, I was 12 yrs old and my brother and I had quite a large collection. I believe later own when in college my mother gave them away or donated them to Salvation Army. Of course some of the first 1968 Hot Wheels if I still had them would be worth several 100's of dollars now believe it or not.
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