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Orphan of the Day, 11-30, 1920 Fageol

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  • Orphan of the Day, 11-30, 1920 Fageol

    Early workhorse.


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    I'm no expert, but I think those Fageol trucks were produced in Oakland, California. My Great Uncle, E.J. Hall, was one of the founders of Hall-Scott Motors, who produced the Hall-Scott engines used in a lot of Fageol trucks. A bit of a Studebaker tie-in, E.J. Hall was the co-designer of the Liberty Aircraft engine. The other co-designer? Jesse Vincent of Packard.
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      Seven speeds. Probably 20 mph maximum. Fageol was using Waukesha 4 cylinder engines in 1920.



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        The Fageol Bros. left the company in '27 to start Twin Coach Co., a bus manufacturer, in Kent, OH. Their old buildings are one mile from my house.
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          They were also using Crosley and Crosley licensed engines with Fageol cast on them in the 50's, I had an outboard motor from Fageol with a Crosley licensed engine standing vertical on it's nose, with 2 carbs on an aluminum manifold, an aluminum valve (cam) cover, overhead cam, dual points, and the factory flywheel and starter up top. It was labeled as the Fageol 44- - guess that meant horsepower, but in the cars, think it was just 20 something. It was a neat looking engine, these guys did a big variety of things. Mine had San Diego on it as the factory. John


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            That is one sweet truck! Imagine how much fun it would be to hold up traffic in Everett with THAT!!!
            Dylan Wills
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              The Crosley engine and later Fagol was 44 Cubic inches.Used in many applications and during WWII in generators and other applications.The one in my 47 Crosley pickup is rated 25 Hp @ 5200 Rpm, Midget racers used them a throughout the 40s and 50s and were cappable of 10,000+ RPMs.
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