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50 years of building cars technology DOES make a difference~~Thanks to Sonny; see this!

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  • 50 years of building cars technology DOES make a difference~~Thanks to Sonny; see this!

    Under the Title of "YOU ARE INVITED TO WITNESS THE RISING STUDEBAKER PHOENIX" scroll down to time point
    11-27-10 0700 a.m. where 'Sonny' makes some wonderful remarks but, at the bottom where he asks:
    "And last but NOT least.....would you put your child or your grandchild in one of these things? Directly below that sentence is a link to crash safety tests. On the side bar are click-on set-ups for other related videos; I clicked one for Chevy Aveo and THEN a 1959 Chevy Impala sedan verses a 2009 Chevy Malibu in a head on collision! It really IS MUST SEE T.V. (50 years of building technology DOES make a difference!)

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    uh oh

    Jim~ I'll cut you some slack, and hope others do the same.

    The video you're talking about has been posted here before.
    It got more then a few folks into very hot water around here.

    I'd tell you to search for that old thread, but I think it went bye bye.

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      The subject 1959 / 2009 crash test involved a 1959 Bel-Air sedan, not an Impala. A doggone nice Bel-Air sedan, I might add.

      The subject Bel-Air was an excellent original example I personally examined within six months of its being being destroyed by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in a vain, grand-standing exercise that only proved the obvious, tried to justify their existence, and gave "documented evidence" to zealots who would like to see all "old cars" (and, subsequently, our hobby) legislated from existence. (Anybody who isn't bright enough to know new cars are generally safer than old ones doesn't deserve to have a nice, original 1950s car destroyed for their "education.")

      Nonetheless, the Insurance Companies contributing to this desecration would save money if some of the preoccupied, cell-phone-chatting, dimwit drivers they insure would never run into an occasional collector car because it was illegal for the collector car to be on the road in the first place.

      Not that I have a strong opinion on the matter of their having intentionally and unnecessarily destroyed a nice, original, affordable, example of a highly-styled, distinctive 1950s collector car, you understand...

      (Nothing personal, Jim, as I am sure you understand...that whole incident infuriated me beyond belief because I had seen the Bel-Air in person at a car show and had reflected, at the time, on what a nice, original car it was, and its unusual survival as "just a car" for 50 years.) BP
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