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Orphan of the Day, 11-28, 1985 Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo

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  • Orphan of the Day, 11-28, 1985 Innocenti DeTomaso Turbo

    Started in 1961 by manufacturing various Austins in Italy. Sold to Alejandro DeTomaso in 1976 who sold out to Fiat in 1990. Fiat ended the Innocenti in 1997.


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    Oh my. A newer version of that thing is what comes to mind every time I think of Fiat owning Chrysler. That or the 124 I bought as a teenager for a lot car that broke in half in an hour. Hopefully the fear doesn't become the reality
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      Craig, is this your car? Was it shot at Stanley wife says it was, I dunno. Junior
      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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        Fun car, but really it was a spiritual stablemate of the Suzuki/Geo Metro turbo...the ones seen here in Canada with petrol injection (?) on the side. I think this Innocenti "3 cylindri" actually was a Suzuki underneath. There was a boring pedestrian version, but the Turbo was off the wall in a very Italian way. Turbo, electric windows and of luxo bits, and this wild geometric design carpet that was on the floor and continued up the doors. Nearly bought one new...