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  • Remember the Wizard of Oz?

    This Fiero reminds me a little of the Tin Woodman in the “Wizard of Oz”. In the book, the real reason the Tin Woodman was tin is because his ax kept slipping and cutting off pieces of his body. He’d replace it with tin, until, one day, he was totally tin.

    The guy with this Fiero must have been the same.

    Kept replacing pieces he lopped off, with wood until…but you can see…
    Click image for larger version

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    Looks like he's real proud of his woodie.............


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      Originally posted by BobGlasscock View Post
      Looks like he's real proud of his woodie.............
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        This Fiero has the one on Ebay beat:



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          I thought you were talking about this comparison of a Fiero with the Tin Man .
          I couldn't resist putting this up after seeing the names Wizard of Oz and Tinman mentioned in the same posting

          Yeah, I saw Tinman on Sci-Fi, and I saw the original, and Return to Oz. I liked all three really, but I couldn't help myself posting the video .
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