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  • Hudson Hornet Race Pictures

    Here is a link from the most popular and prolific Hudson forum. It contains the most complete collection of rare race photos that you will ever see of Hudsons and a few other cars and yes, even a few Studebakers.

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    Found this Hudson Ad thought you might like.
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      I have one framed on my wall but thanks!


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        Did you guys notice the air-brushing in that advertising photo, so as to disguise the Oldsmobile that is behind the Hornet sitting in the pole position? Before photoshop, for sure, but the effect is the same: No sense giving Oldsmobile any free exposure. (Besides, the Olds will be half a lap behind as soon as they have to negotiate the first two corners of the race!) <GGG> BP
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          Went thru all 30 pages of those Fabulous Hudsons, great reading, thanks for posting. and now i'll post a Hudson for Orphan of the day.
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