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  • WOW! Why so much time?

    My wife buys stuff off the TV shopping network QVC. Earlier this year, she bought me a TOM TOM GPS with "free lifetime map updates." This morning I decided to connect it to my computer and update the map. It has been running for nearly an hour and shows that the "time left" for the update is still nearly 5 hours! I'm glad I don't need it for the rest of the day.
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

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    Did it not say it could take several hours before you started? When we bought our Garmin unit, it came with a free upgrade. When we went on line to do it, it said it could take three to four hours to complete before we started. It took 2.5.



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      Maps are large and data rich. Even with a high speed connection they can take an hour and a half. Dial up or similar can and does produce the times you experienced.

      Those maps are updated at least 4 times a year, so if you want you can have the latest and greatest every quarter or just do it once a year.
      Wife did good, map updates cost around $90

      Life time maps (for garmin anyway) can be added to a unit you already have.........
      Amazon is usually your best buy...$69.00
      61 Lark



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        Well, after all of my fretting and wondering...there are some things about the cyber world that still mystify me. During the "download," I had a "disconnect" from my local DSL service. At the time of the disconnect, there were almost three hours of time remaining on the download window for completion of the process. When I came back in the house and noticed what had happened, there were all kinds of little "pop up" error messages regarding the download. When I restarted the computer and returned to the TOM TOM site, instead of completing or re-starting the download process, I got the message that my unit was "current and up to date." Go figure!

        So, yesterday, I had to make a trip of over a hundred miles to have my "agent orange" physical at a VA hospital. Sure enough, the GPS unit performed with new features that I had never noticed before. The biggest problem I had was not in getting to where I was going, but locating the correct office to report to once I got there. I walked over a half an hour and pestered at least a half-dozen befuddled staffers and medical students before finding the correct office. The place is a huge complex consisting of a medical school, hospital, and VA facilities. To a first time visitor, it looks as few of the everyday staff and residents of this complex know the others exist. Even the letter sent to me about my appointment seemed to have been typed on an old 1930's type writer. I still managed to arrive on time and survived the event. Except for the institutional "twilight zone" moment finding the correct "room in the maze," I was treated with respect and met some nice (even though stressed) people.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          Sounds like you needed your TOM TOM IN the medical building!
          (read it backwards)

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            Good to know. My trusty Garmin is now over 5 years old and gives me an update reminder occasionally. When I get to it I'll plan accordingly- as in when we're headed to the mall or something
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