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Anybody collect old riding lawnmowers/ lawntractors and got pictures to share?

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  • Anybody collect old riding lawnmowers/ lawntractors and got pictures to share?

    I had a 1973 Cub Cadet 108 lawnmower for a couple of years that I rebuilt and then sold to my young nephew. I recently had it at my place as I was performing repairs to it (replaced some deck parts, new front wheel bearings and new front tires). After repairing it and testing it, I took some photos of it as I think it's a neat looking old machine. He also has the original push blade attachment for the front. Notice the exhaust stack that I made for him last summer (he thinks it looks cool and it keeps some of the exhaust of the 10 HP Kohler out of his hair). If anyone else has pics of old lawnmowers, please share.
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    The car in the background is my 1963 Lark lawn art.
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    Milica, while I don't collect old mowers, (electric fans) I did grow up mowing lawns to make money, being tired of pushing, my father found a tri wheel Swisher mower just like this one to do the job.

    Front wheel chain driven and could spin 360 degrees, a winding/cranking type mechanism to start the engine, and 2 speeds......slow, and super slow.

    Give me about 3 mowings with this bad boy and you would have the smoothest, most level yard in the neighborhood, because if you had peaks or valley's because this mower operated just like a plow.

    Oh,! Don't call if it had just rained.........thing had no traction.

    Good times
    61 Lark



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      The Lawn Lark

      And here is my other "toy". It's a highly modified 1985 Craftsman 11hp. It is not nearly as fast and the Lawn Lark, but it's basically my gokart. It has changed pullies and engine modification that let it run around 20mph on a good day, 15mph regular. That dosen't sound like much, but that is flying for a lawn tractor! The only other things I have changed on it lately is I gave it a brand new seat, and a modified exhaust I made out of a well pipe. It dosen't cut grass.

      Here is where the Lawn Lark races.
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      Chris Dresbach


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        Originally posted by Chris_Dresbach View Post
        It dosen't cut grass.
        Well what good is it!?


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          I have an old Cub Cadet that I use around the shop. It does cut grass, but it also moves cars and trucks that don't run. It also taught 2 of my grandsons how to drive. Matthew was the first. NT
          Neil Thornton


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            Well, don't collect them but I still use one....

            This ~1968 Snapper was bought 2nd hand by my Dad in about 1975 from the local small rural town ford dealer who also sold mowers and used farm machinery at that time. We used it as the sole rider mower on the farm until 1979 when a new snapper joined it in the fleet. We had a LOT of yard to mow and my mom and I used to mow nearly every day of the week a couple hrs with 2 riders in those days to keep it under control. In 1982 I brought the 5hp techumseh into 10th grade high school shop class and rebuilt it as it was getting pretty tired. That rebuild lasted a few years till maybe about '86 or so when my Dad bought a new short block from the same ford dealer. They went out of business in '87 so must have been before that... Well, the timing on the coil was never set right with the new block so it had weak spark and was hard to start. Dad had gotten another 2nd hand Snapper at a auction about 1986 so this one was semi-retired anyway. So, it sat in the shed on the farm largely unused for about 10yrs until I bought my house in 1997. I got the 'ole Snapper in about '98 and got a new coil and had it set properly so the spark was good. A new carb (about the 3rd one its had) and it was running fine. I've been using it ever since. Its pretty well worn though and the chassis is really ratty with lots of stress cracks that have been welded up here and there. The deck is so thin now that its about impossible to weld patches on it anymore. Its still got 3 of the original tires though! I'd shudder to think how many 100s of acres its mowed....

            I've got my eye on a dead early 80s JD rider similar to the snapper that my neighbor has sitting in his junk that I may get and refurb if the chassis is in better shape.
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            Jeff in ND


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              Jeff, take some of that money that you've been burying in jars in the basement and buy yourself a nice lawnmower! Quit being such a CASO!
              In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                I have an old 1970's Lexmark that I used every summer until this spring. It has needed a re-build for ears and has finally come to the point where it will turn over but has no compression.

                Briggs and Stratton does not make an 8hp motor anymore and parts are scarce around here.

                I would love to make it run again.


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                  We had a Massy-Ferguson riding mower that couldn't have had more than a 30 inch deck, but it had a driveshaft going back to the center of the deck, splitting and two other little driveshafts going out each side to the two little blades. These shafts were on top of the deck of course, and only had a tiny little cover over each pinion set. It was really weird, but cut smoothly without dragging down in high grass when we could get it to run. It had a very strange, touchy carb on it that we or repair shops never did get right. If it would have had a bigger deck, I would have put a Mikuni off one of the little bikes on it, the intake tract was about the same size. Don't think I have pics of any of my mowers except a big old Bolens. We used it to pull cars, stretch fence, let the son drive, and occasionally mow with- - -stout old thing. Our current mower is the easiest I've ever used, it's a gentleman and his grandson that comes every Friday !!! Ha !! John


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                    Jeff_H, we had one of those Snappers too, strange how they pivot on that backbone tube. Karen called it her Fred Flintstone mower. John


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                      How old a mower does anyone want? I run(well...ran...I have been sidelined about a month with a illness that has kept me on a short leash) across these things all the time.From Jari mowers to 50's-60's riders there are carcasses all over.I have 2 Graveley's that I have bought and yet to pick up.
                      This site has been very valuable for me.
                      Mono mind in a stereo world


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                        My grandfather has an 81 Simplicity (Allis Chalmers) and it does wheelies. The uses it year round, Cutting and bagging grass in the summer, bagging leaves in the fall, and he even has a plow attachement for those Connecticut winter months. Quite amazing when you campare it to modern standards, has half the horsepower as new ones, but is as reliable and performs better.
                        Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
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                          Sorry to hear of your illness Bob, hope you get back to it soon. Do you ever come upon Minneapolis-Moline riding mowers (made by Jacobson, whom also made them for Oliver and Ford)? I would like to buy one someday. Also of interest to me are the Cub Cadet rear engine riders with yellow fiberglass bodies that were built around 1970? I havent seen one in many years. Although in reality, I cant afford such things right now so I guess I will have to keep them on my wishlist.
                          In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                            Not really a collector of such, just like old mechanical stuff, and a $50 mower is tough to pass up for a CASO. Here is my monster, a 1953 Kut-Kwick.

                            It has never let me down, the wrap and yank rope starter always fires the 1 lunger on the 2nd pull (thank god).
                            Riverside, Ca.
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                              Here's my 1978 Gravely, that I bought new, and I still use regularly. I expect it will last as long as I do.
                              It's a basic 10 h.p. with a mower deck only, $2350.00 new, a lot of money in '78, but I've never had to replace it.

                              Mountain Home, AR