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Did you know who Ray Parks was?

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  • Did you know who Ray Parks was?

    I just read that he had passed away. His story is below:

    Also great to see a recent picture of David Pearson.

    I know he was a shady moonshiner in his early days, but his story is one of my favorites: A good ol' boy doing what he had to to survive, but given the chance went legit and was successful in the 'honest' world. You like to think that outlaws can, with the ability, opportunity, and will to do so, ultimately leave some corner of the world better than they found it. Of course, most don't, instead leaving it a little worse. Mr. Parks was one of those rare exceptions. Found his calling and saw it through. This romantic image is specifically why I loved NASCAR, and the utter lack of it is why I no longer care for it.

    RIP Mr. Parks.

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    Bob, thanks for the tribute. Raymond Parks was one of the original forming members of NASCAR. He was a native of Atlanta Georgia. A fantastic book from Crown Publishers of New York, is "Driving With The Devil" by Neil Thompson. Copyright 2006 First Edition. Once you start reading this book, it's real tough to put down. This book is almost a biography of Ramond Parks, as well as other eventual NASCAR drivers.

    Dan Miller
    Auburn, GA


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      He was one of those guys I would have loved to sit and talk with. One can only imagine the stories he had to tell; sadly, most of them are lost forever.