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Why sales went down in '54....

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  • Why sales went down in '54....

    In the pic to illustrate the power steering option, I found 3 things that would make me wonder if the company selling the car had my best interest at heart. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

    Click image for larger version

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    Third, the gear shift is in park, yet the lady is supposedly backing up. How is this possible?


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    With the parking prong broke they will backup, I know cause I chased a'56 all over the parking lot. It got a new prong the next day.


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      No love...
      And the Emmett Kelly/Groucho Marx eyebrows...and the Dom DeLuise hat...
      She is one mixed up lady....
      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        If you look close, you will also notice the ignition switch is off.


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          Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
          No love...
          And the Emmett Kelly/Groucho Marx eyebrows...and the Dom DeLuise hat...
          She is one mixed up lady....
          If you think she looks bad there, just imagine what she looks like today.


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            Same brochure different pic

            Shes' going nowhere fast with it in drive with the key off and the emergency brake still ON.
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              Aw c'mon guys. This is an artist's creation of a woman testing a new Studebaker at the dealership that somebody added a caption to later.
              The artist had no clue they were going to use that picture in 1954 and for a car moving in reverse.
              It is classic mid-century kitsch art though.
              I love it right down to the white gloves.
              My mother never wore white gloves to drive a car or anything else. Yet women are always shown driving cars in them.
              Makes as much sense as the key in the ignition.
              Bet the artist was illustrating something like "plenty of hat room," or "big windows for clear visibility" when the art was made. But they used it for something else!


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                Three real reasons why Studebaker sales went down in 1954. GM, Ford and Chrysler in that order.

                John S


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                  As a kid, of 13, I was told when Packard and Studebaker combined the older sales people and older/ knowledge-employees in the head shed were tossed out and new, younger leadership came on board. I have zero knowledge as to how on or off target that statement is. Any help?