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    Saw Johnnywiffer's thread on the Pledge of Allegiance and that brought to mind something my wife's sister said when we visited them in Dallas earlier this year. My sister-in-law is a teacher at a high school in Southlake. They do the pledge each morning and at assemblies. As a Canadian she doesn't do it, but it annoys her when she sees students paying little or no attention to it. To her it is a part of daily school life and should be observed properly. What really annoys her though, is that many of the other teachers are as bad as the students. They pay it little attention, talk amongst themselves while it is being recited, and do nothing to make sure the students are doing it properly. As a matter of fact, my neice who goes to the same school said she has heard other teachers tell students to smarten up because "Mrs. Hall is coming into the room". It is pretty bad when it takes someone from a different country to get the teachers to pay attention to things, let alone the students. She isn't comfortable with the realization that she is being used as the excuse to make students pay attention to something which is a basic part of American life and as such deserves the respect asked of them.


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