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Me thinks I may need to get a life

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  • Me thinks I may need to get a life

    Had the Avanti's hood open today sizing up the 2.5" Vette exhaust manifolds I just bought to replace the 2" stockers and I see a Deer Fly circling looking for a place to land.

    He gets close so I make a swipe at him and miss. But I was close enough to redirect his flight enough to have him snared by a single strand of a recently constructed spider web.

    In a moment, it looks like a 2# small mouth on a lite action spinning rod. The spider on the far side of the web takes notice, moves about 1/3 the way across the web, stops and watches. After a while the fly stops to rest and the spider gets close. Fly decides to try to escape again, spider grabs the web and retreats to watch. This goes on repeatedly for about 10 minutes until the fly runs out of gas.

    Spider grabs the fly's head, And I'm sure not to do CPR, does a little munching and rests.

    Hooray!!! Dead fly, happy spider and Sweetolbob wastes 20 minutes of his day.

    Maybe I am closer to my dotage than I thought.

    Oh well! better than looking at pictures of Forrester's dog.

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    Sounds a lot better than most of tv land.