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  • Model A Ford

    My Dad decided to sell his Model A,so I took a beautiful ride up to New Brunswick on the Harley yesterday to take some pics. First E-Bay ad Ive made in ages,kinda fun. Hope the old gal sells.

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    Not sure why you chose the back end as the opening picture.To me the 3/4 shot of the right side would be a better one.Folks like to see down the side of the car.Just a opinion.Rest of the ad copy looks good.Might want to mention you will help with the paperwork to get it through customs for the south of the border buyer if you will do that.Might attract a extra bidder or 3.Good luck with the sale!
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      Yea Bob,the 3/4 pic would have been better. Right now the high bidder is in Germany,hard to say where it might go.