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2002 Ranger 4 cyl PCV Valve location?

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  • 2002 Ranger 4 cyl PCV Valve location?

    OK, geniuses of the automotive world, if you can answer this question (it's not a trick) you are better than the Ford Dealer Service Dept in Brownsburg IN...which shouldn't be too hard...

    Where in the world is the PCV valve located (hidden would be a better term) on an ordinary 4 cyl, 2WD 2002 Ford Ranger? I've replaced hundreds of PCV valves in my life and feel this Ranger I bought for resale needs one, so I bought one. The valve itself looks like an ordinary PCV valve with a 90-degree elbow on top; nothing at all unusual.

    But I'll be darned if I can find the existing one on the engine! (To repeat: This is a serious question, not a trick.) BP

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    My ranger is a bit older than yours but it just fits into the oil cap.Hose from it to the breather I think.Steve


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      Internet search says behind the clip that holds the bypass radiator hose below the intake manifold on the 4 cylinder.hope that helps you.Steve


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        Thanks. I'll look there when I get back from Lancaster! BP
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