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Brick and mortor stores

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  • N8N
    I had the same experience with Trible's earlier this year, needed some circuit boards for two appliances that got damaged by a power surge. I'd tried to call two stores but at both of them their computer systems were down. I shot off an email to them through their web site with exact specs of what I needed and got a terse response literally a week later "we don't carry that" from someone who clearly had only skimmed my email (they told me they didn't carry parts for "company X" when that was the manufacturer of the circuit board that I needed, not the appliance)

    In the meantime I'd already ordered the parts online and they arrived maybe a day or two after the email response. I usually try Trible's first but geez... they're TRYING to lose my business.

    As an aside, Dominion Power really didn't give me the warm fuzzies with that experience; I'm glad that I repaired the stuff myself rather than having repairmen handle it, otherwise I would have been hurting. Their response to an inquiry about a claim was basically "we investigated what happened, a tree fell on a high voltage power line and shorted it to a low voltage line, well, that's not really our fault so we absolve ourselves of all responsibility. You do have insurance, right?" Well, yeah, I do, but deductibles are still expensive... and don't they inspect their lines and clear trees, etc.?


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  • bams50
    I've said before, I no longer buy much of anything anymore without checking online first, starting with eBay. The price difference can be HUGE.

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  • showbizkid
    You're probably the rare customer who wants to install his own parts, but still - as the wise man once said, "something is better than nothing." I'd rather have the money for the part and lose the labor than get nothing at all. Shows how some companies cut off their noses to spite their face.


    Clark in San Diego
    '63 F2/Lark Standard

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    Guest started a topic Brick and mortor stores

    Brick and mortor stores

    My York home AC units condenser fan motor started screaming so I went online to search out the correct part. With the part number in hand, I stated calling the local parts places with the same result "wholesale only" One place offered to sell the motor for $295 and $125 service call. I don't mind trying to help a local business, but decided the $100 price online was a better choice. I would have paid maybe $50 or more just to avoid waiting a day, but 3 times the money and they still would not sell it to me ?

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