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Saw a Packard on the road today!

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  • Saw a Packard on the road today!

    '51 - '52 2-door sedan. Painted flat black and wearing a temporary tag sticker in the back window. Mexican fella at the wheel, original straight 8 purring along. First time I've ever seen this one. For that matter, I can't REMEMBER the last time I saw a Packard at anything other'n a car show!

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    I just got back from looking at a 1955 Patrician a friend just purchased.
    25,000 miles,had that new car smell,untouched original car.
    The engine sounded so healthy it begged us to go for a spin.
    Very nice car.First time I've ever driven a Packard.
    Hard to watch the road when that instrument panel captures the eye.
    Mono mind in a stereo world


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      I saw this Packard on the street a few years ago. I flagged him over and got to know him. He has now sold the car, but still has lots of Packards.

      Leonard Shepherd


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        The folks in the area near where I store Cleo get to see a '58 Packard sedan every now and then. I'd bet 99.9% of them have no idea what it was they saw when I drive by. She was last out of the garage when my Family was here for my retirement several weeks ago, and we decided to go for a little spin~ It was the first time they'd ever seen her. I didn't get any pictures, but I'd bet someone did!!!

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