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I went to see the new Dodge Challenger today

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  • I went to see the new Dodge Challenger today

    I stopped by the Dodge dealer to look at the new Dodge Challenger. I was surprised how large it is. Here are some pics.

    Leonard Shepherd

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    The car isn't the only thing that's bloated. Check out the $49,985 "market adjustment."[xx(] That's one way to make sure they always have one on display.

    Sad to think that someone able to raise that kind of cash is stupid enough to pay it.[}]
    (Maybe it's serial no. 00000000001)

    62 GT
    62 GT


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      I don't think its intro timing could have been worse. Just when a unique high performance car is considered gauche by the general public. The other thing I've noticed is that every dealer seems to have ordered the same color. So much for being unique.

      There have been lots of comments on its size by the enthusiast publications. It's built on the LX platform same as the Magnum, 300 and Charger. You can shorten a platform but not make it narrower. I have to say I bet it rides and handles nicely. I have an R/T Magnum and it's a very comfy and decent handling big car.


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        I looked at them about 2 weeks ago. They are only available (first "batch") in retro colors. They are "going for 10K over sticker".
        It's called supply and demand! I worked at a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer in LA when the mini vans first came out. They were 3K over sticker, and the sales dept could NOT keep them in stock. They were also NOT 50K <G> The stories I have heard is, a Challenger ragtop will be available next year! and YES I'm "thinking" about one! LOL
        I was able to drive the one at the dealer, all I can say is WOW. I was told I could drive it if I wrote a check, so I did, the check was not any good, but, I drove it. <G> (helps to know the GM & Sales Mgr)

        They are sweet!

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          Is the SRT/8 available with a manual transmixer? Enquiring minds want to know. Not that I would actually buy one, but it might be worth seeing if one comes off lease in a couple years.


          55 Commander Starlight

          55 Commander Starlight


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            A good friend of mine has one of the new Challengers.His is orange but his brother in law bought a black one.
            I have driven both and they just plain rip.425 hp will move a car no matter what.
            Handles well and is a firm but comfortable ride.
            Costs less than a fully loaded diesel dually or Suburban.
            Back to the color choices,remember when Chevy brought back the Impala SS and the only color choice was black.Also,ask a non Stude guy about Speedsters and they will tell you they only came in Lemon/Lime color combos as that is what is normally shown in car magazines.Hemi Orange is a retro color and they are marketing to a boomer who wants the car he had in 1970.

            Mono mind in a stereo world


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              Manual transmissions are next year Nate.
              Your best bet is finding a ex-police or state trooper Magnum.
              No SRT badges but are SRT equipped!
              Remember what Elwood told Jake in the Blues Brothers movie about the car?
              Thats what the police Magnums are.
              Mono mind in a stereo world


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                I seen one a few days ago, and I was quite impressed. There's not too many new cars I do like, but if I had $50K around, I'd have to get a new Challenger. [^]

                Matthew Burnette
                Hazlehurst, GA


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                  One of the local Dodge dealers here bought one for himself, and loves it. He says that next year they're rumored to have a 5 or 6 speed, more colors, convertible, and a whole array of factory hi-perf items available- headers, etc. One cool feature- you put in a CD and if you like, you can store the music for future use and remove the disc, and build a library.

                  I love it as well. I love the new Mustangs and wanted a KR, but they turned out to be 80 grand- not me. I want to see the new Camaro in person, then I want to buy one of the three. Of course, it will be used, probably 2 years old, so someone else can take a 20 grand loss in the first 5K miles.

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                    The base model with the V6 starts at $28k. That's the one I'd go for. The six puts out 250 horses as it is; I'd be satisfied with that. (And I don't mind Hemi Orange, although I'd opt for Sub Lime if offered.)


                    Clark in San Diego
                    '63 F2/Lark Standard

                    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                      I get employee pricing as my sister and brother-in-law both work for Chrysler (Jeep Engineering). I'm hoping to get a 5.7L, 6-speed, rag top. As mentioned, the auto is the only tranny available in the '08 SRT8. I make a mess in my pants every time I see one.

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                        I saw one on the road the other day and it is a big car. It sits high and seems to have oversize wheels that look like they belong more on a large SUV. At the local cruise night (where my '64 Commander is a regular) they have some vintage Challengers and Barracudas which look lean and mean in comparison to the new Challenger.


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                          Whats really cool is that Chrysler is bringing back the factory Super Stock race car package.

                          Mono mind in a stereo world


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                            quote:Originally posted by bob40

                            A good friend of mine has one of the new Challengers.His is orange but his brother in law bought a black one.
                            There was a black one at the auto show here last March, though I have seen quite a few orange ones on the road.



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                              So, they have finally undertaken production!! It was rumored for awhile for the past couple years in the chatrooms I adorned about a Challenger remake. The initial photos I saw gave me the impression that, finally, there's a vehicle that looks like another vehicle. The Challenger looked like a Challenger(This is in comparison to the revised 4 door Charger for the people who saw the first Challenger [)]). I saw the first Challenger at South Bend in the Cannonball Run. It was interesting because the driver started asking me questions about a particular Hawk he had, what the value was, where the engine was made, so on and so forth. I gave him a couple of answers and then asked him if the vehicle was in production. Well, he told me they only made a few thousand at first and that the vehicle was a test mule which was to be destroyed at the end of the race. Well, fortunately it avoided the crusher, but could not avoid the accident during the race that wiped out the car These are a few I took of the car, some of you have probably seen it already if you were at SB this spring.

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