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Scam alert- Do not accept check

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  • Scam alert- Do not accept check

    To all,

    I wanted to alert you of a scam that I was victim of this week.
    I had been contacted by at John tarsky, wanting to buy my '53 truck.
    He sent a check from Concordia University and I deposited it. He then asked that I Western Union payment to the shipping company that was going to pick up the truck.
    Turns out, after talking to Concordia University, that the checks are fraudulent.[}] The business office said this guy has been dropping checks all over the place.
    I'm out $2500. Don't let it happen to you!

    Truckin' in Garlic Town,

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    Tell us all about your '53 truck...
    Right here... Right now....
    All the details, where, condition, options, how much, etc...
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

    Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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      It's a 1953 one ton R10(?) work truck.
      It was my grandfather's truck.
      Has pipe rack and "cattle catcher bumpers" that were installed at the old Todd Shipyards in San Pedro.
      New tires, new brakes & hydralics (thank you Studebaker International), re-built carb, new wiring, re-built starter, new odometer, new dash glass. No rust.
      Needs paint, headliner and driver's side window.
      "3 on the tree" runs good.
      Located in the "Garlic Capitol, Gilroy, CA
      Advertised in Turning Wheels for $4K


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        Same scam with me a couple years ago.Guy claimed to be from South Africa and wanted a motorcycle I was selling on E-bay.He sent a cashiers check for 4950.00 for the 2500 motorcycle and said I was to send the remaining money western union for shipping.I was suspicious as it seemed an odd way to do business to me and asked my bank to verify the check.The teller(at Suntrust Bank) said the check was infalible and go ahead and send the money but I was still suspect so went to a different bank (whole different bank)and asked to open a new account.The "new" bank contacted me the next day to tell me the check was bogus.I was lucky,no harm done.
        You need to report it to anybody that will listen,Western Union-find out who picked up the money and where,get a copy of the video if possible,report to local law enforcement,federal law enforcement,internet crimes enforcement agencies.RAISE CAINE!!Your money is probably gone as I have been told by people in the know it takes 28,000 before the feds will get involved and 2500 before internet crime services people will investigate but try anyway.For what it is worth a guy here in a local bike shop went through this expecting it to trace back to Nigeria and his went back to a small town in KY!See if the envelope has a postmark type stamp of Shrek that says from a place Far Far Away.Good Luck,Steve


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          One of the oldest scams going, I get three or four a year. That's why ebay tells you to NEVER use Western Union to transfer funds. I really hate it when they hit the Buy It Now, and then try the scam.

          JDP Maryland