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Digital Camera Purchase Help please

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  • Digital Camera Purchase Help please

    I want to purchase my wife a new digital camera for her birthday. Nothing real expensive.....mid-range I guess.....just a good digital with zoom, auto features, ability to take a lot of pics without downloading, and easy on batteries.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Paul

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    You just described about every current digital camera out there . Everybody will have their preference (the preference will most likely be the camera they own [:0]).

    3X optical zoom good. 4X (or more) better

    All have auto features up the ying yang

    "lots of pictures" depends on the size of the memory card. 1 gig will take several hundred normal (email sized) pictures. A 1 gig card is $10 or so.

    Get rechargeable batteries or you'll go broke buying batteries.

    5-6 megapixils is more than enough for anything up to 8 x 10...but most have even more (that won't ever be used)

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      Nikon Coolpix L-10 is my choice for Newbie photogs. They are available from Walmart @ $89 and are simple to use. They fit my criteria by using AA style batteries including rechargeables, Have a 3X optical zoom, plenty of megapixels and take great pictures. Also use SD digital storage. Purchased two for Xmas for my two 13 year old grand daughters and they love them. Was so pleased with the results, that I purchased a third for my wife for her trip south with her sisters. She is digitally challenged and took great pictures with little practice. I use a much higher quality digital camera and under normal conditions the little Nikon takes almost as nice a picture. You could spend a lot more and not get better pix. JMHO


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        Mine is a Nikon Coolpix 5900 but it is 3 years old and a friend just bought a Cannon and he likes it.

        The main reason I bought it because it was small and I can keep it in my pocket at car shows, but I have beat it up pretty bad. Before this one, I had a SONY, but I dropped it and broke the glass.

        I bought my camera at

        Here is the link:

        Leonard Shepherd


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          If you want unbiased digital camera reviews go to Phil Askeys site.

          Nikon, which I am partial too as I have 19 of their lenses does very well. If you want to shoot more people than landscape and tourist type photos opt for one of the Canon cameras.

          I suggest going for the highest possible MP you can get, while 5-6 mB will do up to an 8x10, going higher somewhere between 8 and 10 MP will produce much less noise.

          In the next two years you won't see much of a jump in MP ability as the "prosumer" DSLR's have evolved from 6MB to 12.5 over the past 6 years.

          I boughtthe first Nilkon D-100 that was considered great at 6MP then jumped to the Nikon D-200 when it climbed to 10.5MP, the new D-300 just out only jumped to 12 MP.

          Some of the point and shoots like Sony can pick out faces in a shot or you can have it isolate on one color giving interesting B&W shots with a Blue car in the center. The Nikon point and shoot has a follow focus, if you press down and focus on a person and the person moves during exposure it will follow and focus.


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   has good reviews as well. That being said, I have a Sony W-55 and like it, it's small,light, and takes great pictures considering it cost about $150. (I got a pink one that someone opened and returned so I got a great deal on it)
            I have cameras costing about the same as a nice Lark, but the Sony is the one that I've taken 99% of the photos of my daughter, plus general bopping around type pix. Pretty much anything for more than $100 is going to work very well, so you really can't go wrong no matter what you pick.



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              Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3:

              Pocket sized, under $200, 10x optical zoom, image stabilization, and a huge display/view finder. Uses a Panasonic battery, but you can shoot all day on it and it takes about an hour to recharge.



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                HP has some very good inexpensive cameras. I've been buying ink carts with free shipping from them too, for a lot less than any other stores.

                Dwain G.


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                  I use and LOVE the Cannon sure shot. Its a pocket camera with a lot of features, but can also be used as a point and shoot. It has a large view screen on the back and does not even use a view finder anymore. Pictures download easily, and its very easy to change the image for use on email and such. Lower setting for email and higher quality setting for prints. I've had such good luck with mine that my family have now all converted to it. Thats 6 children of my own and 3 of my brothers.


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                    Experience in the last couple of years with digital cams has taught me that there are a couple of "Must Haves" when considering a purchase. The first is a built in 'image stabilization' feature which will really help to keep your shots from blurring because of your body movement. Digitals have much slower shutter mecanism time than film cams, which can lead to body movement effecting blur. Next thing believe or not, is to have a good old fashioned view finder. That view finder will enable you to hold the camera firmly up to your face when shooting, which will also again help reduce camera shake. I just can't over emphasize how important these two features combine to produce good photos and help eliminate those frustrating fuzzy shots. Lastly I recommend that you get a digicam that uses AA batteries. You can use either standard or rechargable, but either way they are much easier to use and keep your camera in action. Carry some cheap extra AAs in your pocket when on that all important shoot and your good to go. Cameras that use dedicated (read expensive) batteries are always conking out just at the wrong time and alot of folks don't want to spend the $ for a spare dedicated bat which also can discharge right in your pocket. In the past year I purchased a Cannon PowerShot A570IS which has 7.1 megapixels and the above features. It is a compact camera priced in the mid two hundred dollar range and takes excellent pics. Good Luck.

                    Dean Croft




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                      Like to add, also, when you find a couple of camera's that contain the features you like, pick the one that fits best in the users hand, several of these "slim" camera's take every digit to hold the darn thing. I picked the cannon powershot a540 a couple of years a go, just for this very reason. 6 mpix larger screen etc. Also what ever camera you get, the larger the screen, the faster the battery depletion. So get in the manual and turn the brightness down a bit, set the picture review to the lower range (3,6, 10, 12 seconds)
                      And get some feed back on the screen itself, some screens have better resolution, seeing is believing. Nothing worse than getting home and finding out that shot is blurry cause you couldn't tell on your camera.

                      I'm a digital SLR guy with numerous lenses but the little ones are sometimes just too convienent. For point and shoot.

                      Chop Stu
                      61 Lark



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                        My HP is about 4 years old. 4.1 MP, view screen is about 1.5". Cost about $400 at the time.

                        This has been a great camera- been kicked, dropped, rained on, and logged unknown hours bouncing around in my pocket. I love it, but the dang thing won't quit, because as you know by now, you can get ten times the camera today for the same- or less- price!

                        I've been watching them at Best Buy for about a year, waiting for mine to kick the bucket. The technology is still advancing rapidly; can't wait to get a new one!

                        I recomend NOT buying the AA battery types! Mine has the rechargeable, which will click and zoom for hours, and recharge quickly. It sits onto a dock that recharges, plugs into your TV or computer for viewing, or into a printer for prints. I bought a spare battery, which it also charges simultaneously, and fits in my belt case. They last much longer that AAs, and are cheaper in the long run.

                        Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
                        Parish, central NY 13131

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