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The Uncle Robbie Chronicles Chapt. 9

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  • The Uncle Robbie Chronicles Chapt. 9

    Uncle and his buddies finally made it to Louisville where their ride soon had an electrical fire in a rainstorm. Seems Robbie nicked a wiring harness when installing a new front fender. Now what? Well his genius friends had a plan. Lou, the football player would "entice" passersby in the red light district by advertising his wares while leaning against a lamp post. Uncle and the other Einstein would hide behind the bushes and wait for the "john" to appear, then they would all jump him! Looked good on paper. The only problem was that Lou was arrested for disorderly conduct before the plan could be hatched. At least Lou had a ride! [:0]

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    Uncle Robbie,
    Do the forum a favor...
    Leave it to one, single thread, and add a chapter for each story addition under the original thread.
    If this was a sitcom, I wouldn't know what day it was on.
    All these threads are too hard to follow.
    Oh, and work on the stories, too
    We don't want to see the series cancelled before next season[]
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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