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The Uncle Robbie Chronicles Chapt.8

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  • The Uncle Robbie Chronicles Chapt.8

    Once back on the road, Uncle and his cronies decided it was time for a road trip. Robbie had a sibling in KY so off they went. The trio got as far as Wapakoneta, Ohio before their ride broke down. The wrecker couldn't tow them because Uncle Robbie never finished tightening the front bumper bolts after his last accident. So the driver hooked up a chain and off they went with Robbie at the wheel - 60mph on I75! The driver told Uncle to "keep the chain tight by using your brakes". Those old drum brakes worked all the way to the shop and for the next two years Uncle drove on what was left of them. He occasionally bumped people at red lights when they failed but they worked most of the time!