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ebay reminders sent ?

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  • ebay reminders sent ?

    Does ebay send reminders to leave feedback after winning the item?also I thought it was changed and only the seller leaves feedback?I ask this as I want to know if I should delete or go through with it.

    Joseph R. Zeiger

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    I don't recall ever getting anything from eBay, but have had a couple requests from sellers. I usually see it in reminders when I go to "My eBay".

    I still leave feedback as both a buyer and seller. FWIW, I recommend leaving feedback as soon as you receive the item satisfactorily.

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      When I buy an item I get an email from Ebay proudly announcing that the item is mine and to be sure to pay for it and send feedback. On 'my ebay' it is an icon with the item listing reminding one to communicate with the seller, pay for it, and place feedback.

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        I have never gotten a reminder from eBay to leave feedback. However, until you do, there is a section on your sumnmary page and your feedback page that indicates those items where you have not provided feedback. That stays around until you get it done.

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