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Uncle Robbie's Story time Vol.4

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  • Uncle Robbie's Story time Vol.4

    Uncle Robbie wasn't very mechanically inclined {obviously} but he was determined. He once bought a car that had a trailer hitch already installed. The former owner told him that he pulled a small trailer with it. When Uncle's buddy needed a tow, the rear end crunched and died. He and his friend used a bumper jack on the hitch to lift the car. They hammered and pulled on the axle shafts trying to remove them to get at the gear in the differential. His buddy layed under the car with no support! Fortunately nothing bad happened to them. They finally went to a service manual to find out how to do the job properly. [:0]

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    Just wondering, did he upgrade to these jack stands?

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      quote:Originally posted by Guido
      The problem that I see here is that the fellow working on the truck is not following the advice clearly "printed" on the right side of the tailgate. [:0]

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