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  • Studebakers in movies

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I moved my post to an old existing thread- see

    [img=right][/img=right][img=right][/img=right][img=right][/img=right][img=right][/img=right]Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
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    My friend< Chuck Motley, just bought a DVD collection of the old TV program Sky King and one episode has them riding in a 49 Commander convertible most of the scene.

    Leonard Shepherd


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      Last weekend I went to see "Leatherheads", Mr. Clooney's 20's era football flick.
      If you need a belly laugh, go see this movie - but I looked in vain for a Studebaker.

      Chris Pile
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        Brief shot of a early Lark in the trailer for this new movie.(near the end, between the credits.)

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          I'm not proud to admit it, but I did watch "The Love Bug" the other day. Since it was a "car" movie made in the late 60's, there were lots of interesting cars, including a number of Studebakers. What I found most interesting (and distressing) was the jalopy, demo derby and figure 8 racing in the opening scenes. You would think they would be using low end sedans, but instead they were almost exclusively 30's coupes and 50's 2 dr coupes, hardtops and even convertibles. All being enthusiastically smashed into scrap.

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          Steve Hudson
          The Dalles, Oregon
          1949 \"GMOBaker\" 1-T Dually (workhorse)
          1953 Commander Convertible (show & go)
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            I also recently watched "The Love Bug." Friendly faire for our five year old son. I took note of the opening racing footage. "Yep. That's where all the coupes went." Raced and ruined. I'd say that's why there are few survivors today.

            Spotted a couple Studes in the movie. Cringed at the blatant "Oriental" stereotypes.[B)][B)][B)] Made me want to go apologize to our close Asian friends. UGH!!![V]

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            (read it backwards)

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              One movie I havent seen listed is from 1986 called "Out of Bounds". Its main car was a 60 Lark convertible. At the time I was a manager of a port facility in Long Beach & a couple of scenes were filmed there, mostly a shootout- chase scene that took 3 nights to film. If anyone ever sees it, you'll see a group of Gm/Isuzu trucks lined up getting "shot". It was an interesting experience seeing how they were set up to look damaged, altho some trucks did get slight damage (broken lenes, windshield cracks, ect). The prime rib they served the crew was excellent too!!

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                I did not go through and read all of the entries in the "studes in starring roles" thread, however, I did a search for "Gone with the wind" and I found nothing. That bieng said, I believe that the buggy that Clark Gable and ...whatsername..Scarlet O'hara ride in is a Studebaker. I saw a picture of the buggy in a 1984 turning wheels (April, I think). I do not believe that it has been mentioned yet. Now I am going to have to watch that movie (again!) and try to match that particular buggy up to the picture to find out which scene it is in.

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