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Prohibition Enforcement-Siezed Auto's-Liens

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  • Prohibition Enforcement-Siezed Auto's-Liens

    Decision by the Comptroller General McCarl May 7, 1928.

    This is for consideration the claim of the Studebaker Sales Co. for the proceeds received from the sale of one Studebaker Big Six sedan, motor No 36415, serial No. 7034923. It appears from the record that this automobile was seized under section 3450, Revised Statutes; that in the proceedings for it's forfeiture, "United States v. One Big-Six Studebaker Sedan Automobile",at law 3012, the Studebaker Sales Co. intervened as the holder of unpaid sales notes; that pending final hearing, the automobile was sold to the highest bidder under an agreement or understanding that the proceeds would be held in the court registary in place of the automobile; that the proceeds amounting to $140.00, less $12.50 expenses, were forwarded by the clerk of the court to the collector of internal revenue and deposited by him in the United States Treasuary; and that upon the case coming to a hearing a decree was issued by the court January 18, 1928, finding the Studebaker Sales Co. entitled to the possession of the automobile or to the proceeds received from the sale thereof.

    Posted as a subject for the SDC records.