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Kawasaki KX 125 2 stroke

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  • Kawasaki KX 125 2 stroke

    I know some of you are experts in several fields. I thought I'd try this question.

    My son's dirt bike's piston cracked and a small piece of piston is now somewhere. Could the piece make it out of the exhaust valve, or should we check the crankcase, requiring several new gaskets and much more time?

    The top end also has one light scratch where the exhaust hole is. Is it generslly better to find a new part, resleeve what we have or go oversize?

    Paul R

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    what part of the piston?
    if its above the rings you MIGHT be ok
    i think you have a nickasil lined sleeve and i dont think they will take a hone, if its a deep scratch i would resleeve it
    but if that scratch is close and under the exhaust port, i would port the crap out of that thing. if you port it, enlarge the bottoms of the ports only, its almost like a stroker kit for a 2 stroke. and you know how bad a 125 needs bottom end


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      What's that club plaque on ???

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        its my buddies 29 model a 5-window
        i'll post some pictures in the off topic forum