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picture rant about For Sale cars..

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  • picture rant about For Sale cars..

    WHAT is with people??!!?? They go to the trouble of posting a few pictures of a car they want to sell,but there is always something in the way!Trees,brush,pallets,other vehicles,the house....WTH??? Man get a good clear pic of the item,not your mothers laundry on the clothes line..... Phew...I am done..Thanks!

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    I can't understand why people can't do a better job of presenting their vehicles. Clean the crap off the seats and the trunk so people think you give a darn about the vehicle and can see what they are getting. On the other hand, it sometimes does lead to a bargain.

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      When I see pics of a diamond in the rough buried under a bunch of junk, I think "wow, I'm going to make a sucker out of the owner and negotiate a great deal". Sometimes the owner DOES know what he has, is in no rush to sell... and just advertised it to test the water. I call those people #$%#$%^#$%'s.

      If you know what you have, and you want to sell it, clean it up and take a darn good pic!

      If you don't know what you have or just don't care... put a crappy pic up and let someone like me take advantage!!!

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        Oh? Like the guy that was trying to sell the 'pistine' GTHawk for 58k,and took a few dark and lousy pics on a not-so-pistine day??[V]
        Other than the electricity to recharge your batteries,digital pics cost NOTHING [:0] They don't come out,try some different lighting,try some different camera settings,try some different angles,wait till a sunny day,get somebody else to do the photog........

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          Perhaps 2/3s of the cars listed on EBAY are horribly photographed. Instead of looking past things, I find myself always saying to myself "would it have killed them to have washed the car?" or "would it have killed them to have vacuumed the carpet?" In selling a used car PRESENTATION, like most everything in life, makes a HUGE difference!

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