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  • Please send a Christmas card

    If you're in the habit of sending Christmas cards, I'd greatly appreciate you sending one along to Walt Thompson. Walt's 93 now and spending his remaining years in an adult home in abject boredom. He's fed and cared for but has very few visitors. Especially sad because he was for many years a vibrant member of the greater Seattle chapter for decades. Click image for larger version

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    He's helped me countless times with restorations and I love the guy. Again, please shoot an old widowed Stude nut a card. I know he'd appreciate it! Thanks so much.

    Walt Thompson
    c/o Better Living Adult Home
    16431 14th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166

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    Done. Addressed, stamped, and in the outgoing mail for tomorrow. BP
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      Absolutely will do it.
      Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
      Fort Worth, TX


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        Will do. That is literally my only fear in life: outliving my ability to live.
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          How is his eyesight? If he is still able to read, perhaps chapter editors can send him newsletters regularly to help him pass the time and keep him up to date.



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            Thank you! Craig, his eyesight is okay but he's lost the desire to read.
            Went to see him this morning (12/6) and had a good visit. I know he'll appreciate hearing from you.

            Click image for larger version

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