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  • First car..?

    When I was 17 & one week years "old" & at the times one had to be 18 to have a drivers license I bought my first car... A friend had a -61 Renault Floride that he had started working on by cutting off the rusty front & dismantling the engine & then he sold it to me.
    I looked at the bearings & such & couldn't see any damage but trusted him who according to himself knew that it needed overhaul... It was white with dark blue fake leather interior. Nothing much happend in the end, I had ideas that I still today know was good but my parents complained so much that it got scrapped. (thou I had 4 more other cars before I had my license)
    A while ago I saw one in bad condition on a scrapyard for sale... & lately I saw it again...
    For you who aint got a clue about what it is I just discoverd a video on youtube:
    (I think "someone" here for sure knows about these cars)

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    Did they call that model a Caravelle in the US?
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      Sure looks like the Caravelle. Had one in the late 60s. Removable hard top. Rear engine like the Dauphine. Sure was fun to drive.
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        Caravelle was its successor, according to the video.
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          I remember seeing Caravelles in the 1960s. Very pretty car. We had a Dauphine back then. It was a fun car to drive, but it wasn't such a durable car, at least with the speeds Americans drove Renaults. We traded it on a '58 Silver Hawk.


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            You dodged a bullet there. Renaults of that era had absolutely nothing to recommend them; slow, noisy and among the least durable cars ever.

            jack vines


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              my first car was a Simca aronde with a 1300 four cylinder. It handled and rode nicely but the engine and transmission were very weak. I did the motor twice and the tranny twice Irrc. When it poked a rod through the side of the block I took it out of service and bought a 63 Valiant convertible with the 225 Slant six.
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                The first car I ever knew was a black 1952 Studebaker Commander four door sedan. My parents drove me home from the hospital, after I was born, in it. It was the only car we had until I started kindergarten. Because my father needed it to get to work, and my mother needed it to drive me to kindergarten, they bought a second car: a new 1960 Edsel (which was offered to my father at dealer cost on the day the Edsel marque was discontinued). So that Edsel and Studebaker shared the driveway for the next two years. In 1962 we moved to a different state. My father sold the original Studebaker for $50 to a teenager down the street and we only took the Edsel to our new house.
                My father never traded in cars, and never got rid of a working one, so when I turned 16, I made sure he knew what I wanted for my sweet sixteenth birthday: the family Edsel. He gave it to me.
                I still have that car.
                At age 19 I moved to California, and later I brought the Edsel to California.
                A couple decades later a different 1952 four door Studebaker showed up, and I decided to reunite it with the Edsel to recreate the pair of my childhood.
                Until I brought my Edsel out to California, it remained titled to my father because as a minor, changing the title was an expense with no benefit. Instead of being a third driver on my father's insurance, I would have had to pay for my own policy, which is quite expensive for a teen. So I left it in his name.
                Between the time I brought the Edsel to California, and the time I moved there, I was in college. My father did not want me to drive the Edsel all the way to California, so in 1973, he bought me a 1973 Pinto Runabout, which was titled in my name. It was the first car ever titled in my name.
                So, depending how you define a first car, it could be any of those three.
                First car I ever knew (which I would have called "my car" when I was three, if you asked me ).
                First car I was ever given, which would be the Edsel.
                Or first car titled in my own name, which was the Pinto.


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                  1955 Studebaker Commander. I wish I could make it my last car. It was fast, beautiful, and got the respect of everyone in town. At least everyone I beat in a race on the side streets near Van Nuys Blvd.
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                    My pal Joe bought a Renault Caravelle from a used car dealer where he lived in East Tennessee. He tried to drive it to school and around town a few times, and decided it must need new tires because of the way it "handled"... When he jacked it up with one of those roll under the whole end air jacks, the entire front suspension and part of the body stayed on the ground. He let it back down very slowly, jiggled parts back sort of in place, drove it carefully back to the car lot and traded it in. BUT, at least it was slow and smoked badly, ha ha ! Oh yeah, the Tennessee pronunciation is "Ree-Nawlt" with emphasis on the "t", lol...

                    Oh yeah, my 1st car was a 56 Chevy wagon. I took out the back seat,and put in a youth bed mattress, (no, not for that, I was escorting wide loads around the Southeast with my Dad) put on 63 station wagon wheels (deeper) with baby moons, and dual exhaust with Walker glass packs. It lasted 91 days and taught me all about rear end and wheel bearings, transmission changes, and the true meaning of oil consumption. I still liked it, ha !


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                      1955 Vernon assembled overdrive equipped Speedster. Nuff said. I don't want to shed tears, but my last Studebaker is a 1957 overdrive equipped Golden Hawk.

                      Bob Miles
                      Lots of cars between the first and the last.


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                        Nice to read all the storries!
                        My first car after getting the license was a Peugeot 404, it was the cheapest car for sale & I was in a hurry to drive... The tires was bald & it was snowy & the first two weeks I crashed 5 times! (heavy gas foot) The last crash was pretty bad but I got new parts & on x-mas evening in the snow it suddenly went all quiet... The engine smoked oil badly & I had forgot to fill up so it just locked up & the rear wheels glided on the ice, it was to cold for the salt to work so it was icy.
                        Next day I bought the -62 Valiant I had wanted for a looong time:

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	001,2.JPG Views:	0 Size:	25.7 KB ID:	1923254
                        It was a legend even in those days when Valiants & Darts were worth nothing & considerd neardy cars.

                        Rear engined Renaults has always interested me, I had a R10 once but that was boring, & once I almost bought a 4cv. When a woman one winter morning in the early 80's smacked into my -73 Alfa Romeo GT Junior I bought a -69 GTV & made one car out of two & the guy who sold the GTV to me shared garage with a guy who had something I never seen before... I was shocked by how low & cool that car was & he told me how he found it at a scrapyard in south France, it was a Renault Alpine A110!!! & it made the Porsche 911 look like a grannys car!
                        & if(!) I find a way to get it all together & buy the scrap Caravelle

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	RenåCaravelle.jpg Views:	0 Size:	82.5 KB ID:	1923253
                        I'll build a Alpine, but not a A110; a A108 instead as I fancy those more.
                        But I doubt that'll happen as I've got way to many projects as it is...

                        Another video:


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                          '73 F-250. The car second most likely to pop up in dreams.

                          The car most likely to pop up in dreams is my beloved '80 Pinto that I had from new to '92.
                          1963 Champ "Stu Bludebaker"- sometimes driver
                          1957 Silver Hawk "Josie"- picking up the pieces after an unreliable body man let it rot for 11 years from an almost driver to a basket case
                          1951 Land Cruiser "Bunnie Ketcher" only 47M miles!
                          1951 Commander Starlight "Dale"- basket case
                          1947 Champion "Sally"- basket case
                          1941 Commander Land Cruiser "Ursula"- basket case


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                            My first car was a 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne four door with the last year of the stove bolt six coupled to a two speed Powerglide.

                            My dad made sure that I had a slow car because my brother (nine years older) was such a hot rodder and tore up his fast cars. I paid for the sins of my brother.

                            The next door neighbor offered his 1960 Dodge Dart top of the line two door hard top with a big V-8. No dice, said my dad.
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                              1953 Studebaker htp. in 1961. Some might say lucky you. To which I would counter with the epitaph one of the worst cars that I have owned. It looked good from twenty feet, was rust free California car, and had Tijuana sourced big red diamond tuck upholstery. The bad would have been everything else.