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Gibson "Les Paul Number 1" Auction

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  • Gibson "Les Paul Number 1" Auction

    A heads up to guitar aficionados and fans also have pockets deeper than Earth's crust.

    Any pre-auction estimates?
    The next question: How many top-shelf Studebakers could you buy for the same amount?

    "Gibson Les Pauls don’t come much more iconic than this. The first Les Paul owned and approved – and subsequently heavily modified – by Les Paul himself will be up for grabs as part of Christie’s Exceptional Sale in New York on 13 October 2021.

    The 1952 Goldtop, which made its television debut on the Omnibus show in October 1953, is being sold by Les Paul’s audio-engineer son Gene and Tom Doyle, the guitar-builder, engineer and producer who worked alongside Les for over 45 years.

    “My father spent a lifetime chasing his dream,” said Gene Paul. “It took almost three decades from his first experiments to finally receiving this Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in 1952.

    “To Les, getting this guitar officially made by Gibson was his crowning achievement. This is the one that started it all for dad… and is probably the most historically significant, iconic, valuable, and culturally important guitar that the world has ever seen.

    “In my opinion, this instrument belongs in the Smithsonian next to Neil Armstrong’s boot from the Moon landing. It is a national treasure.”

    I must agree with that last sentiment.
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    Of all the things that impresses me...
    & Lester was such a nice person too, there's some stuff about & with him on youtube, I get the feeling that him & Scotty Moore was the last nice & humble celiberties.

    This is where that picture-that-refuses-to-get-in-here would be...


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      In 1993-94 I was lucky enough to see him play a couple times when I lived in NYC. His age didn't impede his playing one bit. Sometimes very quick and nimble, other times deep and soulful...usually within the same piece.

      For such a big city, it was amazing how many living legends you could see perform up close and personal in smaller venues. Those memories are a gift.
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        Someone with more money than brains (and playing ability) will pay a stupid amount for the guitar which will disappear again for another 50 years.
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