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Remember "Cash for Clunkers"

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  • Remember "Cash for Clunkers"

    When we had the "Cash for Clunkers" program, the car to be disabled was brought to a service area where, while it was running, the engine "death juice" was poured in and within less than 30 seconds, the engine was destroyed. You couldn't even attempt to rebuild it, done, finished, kaput.
    Now I don't want to rack up any nasty grams from Clark and I'm not making this political in any way, shape, or form, but why wasn't the same engine killing juice poured into every remaining ICE the U.S. had possession over that was going to be left in Afghanistan? I realize that it would be impossible to get every vehicle out of there, but for those that had to be left behind, why weren't they disabled?
    -Again, I'm not interested in turning this into a flaming "S"-show, I'm just curious. And if this runs counter to Clark's guidelines, realize that it was not intended to go in that direction.

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    You have a good point, the equipment left should have been rendered useless to the enemy.


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      You're applying logic and common-sense to a situation that was handled by politicians. You should know better than that.
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        During my military training I was taught to use a Incendary grenade to disable vehicles etc. so they would not be useable to the enemy , Ed


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          It wasn't part of our training, but we did the best we could to drive our vehicles to an early grave. (1966, "Somewhere west of Nam"
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            I believe that regardless of the inevitability of the outcome, the equipment was to be to be turned over to the Afghan military.


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              Even Studebaker built Weasels were equipped with explosives to render the Champion 6 inert.
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                Seems like we never learn. I was at Bien Hoa RVN just after truce was signed in 1973. There was a massive buildup of material and supplies including aircraft, artillery, etc ostensibly to support the ARVN and VNAF. Within 2 short years, Saigon fell and all those supplies were in the hands of the NVA. I was stateside in 1975 and I vividly rember the chaos of the evacuations. Nothing seems to change.
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                  "Cash for Clunkers" came at a good time for us. A new baby meant my wife lost her willingness to remove, clean and reinstall an EGR valve ad hoc. That $1000 was $500 more than the dealer would offer for our structurally compromised rust bucket and bought a LOT of diapers!

                  As for "vehicle death"--
                  I'm guessing (and it's only a guess) that they were left operational for the Security Forces we trained.

                  The technology we use to unlock our doors and cars remotely could easily be used to activate a disabling device remotely in a situation such as this. Allies could still use them to defend themselves yet the vehicles/weapons rendered useless immediately when in the wrong hands.
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