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    Originally posted by 8E45E View Post

    Yes, I have seen exactly one on the road here as well. Have all those 'sold' units actually been delivered to the customer yet?

    At least in NYS, it is not considered to be sold until ownership passes (MSO to title), not just a deposit to hold a car.
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      One downside to a-la-carte ordering is that it results in some oddball cars (as Lark Hunter pointed out). This certainly occurred with Studebakers. I have three such cars:
      (1) '64 Hawk, R1, 4-spd, TT, but no PS or disc brakes (but has a superfluous vinyl top),
      (2) '64 Cruiser, R1, TT, but no PS, PDB, or AC (but has a black vinyl interior).
      (3) '63 Hawk, R2, 4-spd, PS, PDB, TT, standard suspension.

      Sometimes bundling options makes sense. Would that all the R1 & R2 Larks & Hawks were full package cars.


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        In 1996 I ordered a new Black Dodge Ram, 3500, Dually, 4 Wheel Drive, V-10, 5 Speed Stick, Posi, with a Fawn Colored interior + windows and locks. It is the only one I have ever seen with a fawn interior and a five speed stick so I assume that was why it took 10 months to arrive.


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          Buzzard you have great tastes! About a year ago a buddy of mine was looking to buy a large truck to tow his 5th wheel camper. He was looking at high mileage newer trucks and j found a total gem for him, a 99 ram 3500 with the v10 but it’s an auto not manual. Based on what similar trucks are going for, I think he stole it. It had under 50k miles and is entirely rust free and like new. These are great looking trucks.

          i ordered a challenger hellcat a few years ago and thought it would be my forever car. It lasted about 2 years as I LOVE the way it looks but it’s not brilliant to drive. A part of me wants to order a new 911 without any options. Go as plain Jane as I can with it. Ordering a car is an interesting experience and I get why Ford wants to do it. Less inventory sitting around. But for the average person buying their next appliance? I’m not sure they will be willing to wait
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            Thanks Justin.
            I also special ordered my first (2006) SRT8 Magnum which ultimately got stolen. After a ton of searching, I found an identically equipped BRAND NEW 2008 SRT8 Magnum in a deceased collectors' showroom in Montreal with 044 miles on it (Just from dealership to home storage). It was however 8 years old so no warranty but what the heck it is even rarer than the 2006.
            Regarding my V10, I used Mopar headers, Camshaft, rockers etc. to noticeably increase the power and economy and it will tow anything. I hauled a 1953 ex US Army 10 wheel drive 6x6 firetruck from the US border to our wilderness residence (3 hours)and it weighed almost 30,000 lbs.


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              I guess I follow a different path than most. In 1974 I special ordered a new Bronco at the Ford dealer in Staten Island New York. Had to wait quite a while for it as the plant went on strike about then. Since then I have bought several new ford F250s and F350s and have special ordered all but one. One dealer tried to convince me he couldn't do that, but we worked it out. I needed a new truck this spring so I ordered it while we were still in Arizona in February and took delivery in Washington in April. As was mentioned, the main drawback is waiting for it to be build. But I get what I want.
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