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Interesting article on Vancouver BC

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  • Interesting article on Vancouver BC

    Who knew?
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

    Ayn Rand:
    "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."

    G. K. Chesterton: This triangle of truisms, of father, mother, and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.

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    Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
    Who knew?
    I did, after our most recent visit. The hired help drive Mercedes and BMWs.

    FWIW, in a former life in marketing and sales, I traveled all over the US and internationally. Our company did extensive demographic studies on income. Then, I'd visit those areas and soon learned to correlate income with the cars on the street. Vancouver is right up there with Beverly Hills in seeing exotic cars used as daily drivers. And yes, we did see that Lamborghini Aventador mentioned in the article parked on the street.

    jack vines

    PS - the flood of Hong Kong money began more than twenty-five years ago. Wealthy Hong Kong citizens could use their Commonwealth passport to emigrate to Canada before China took over and clamped down. They brought in so much new money, it drove up housing prices in Vancouver to the point its pushed the most of the local-born-working-class out of town because they could no longer afford to buy a home in the town they were born in.



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      Interesting article, but Hagerty is flat-out wrong about rust being "not much of an issue" there. Born and raised in Vancouver; I know.
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        I agree with both Gord and Jack as I was basically driven out of my city (North Vancouver) due to massive taxation and encroachment from overseas entities which basically took over the city after EXPO 86. After retirement we couldn't afford to stay there which is why we now live in the British Columbia wilderness.
        We are much better for it getting out of the rat race. Just ask our Golden Retrievers!


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          Growing up in Seattle during the 50's and 60's, Vancouver, and all of BC, was a change of pace place to go. But not on the weekends, nothing was open because of the "Blue Laws." I could make a case for saying that no North American city has changed more culturally and economically then Vancouver. Enigmatically a north American city with exotic cars, but with no freeway system.


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            There is even a response published from a Vancouver resident that owns a 1951 Studebaker.
            Gary L.
            Wappinger, NY

            SDC member since 1968
            Studebaker enthusiast much longer