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1955-56 Chrysler 300 & Imperial grilles

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    Originally posted by firestoper 25 View Post
    Nox, that green Ford on the left looks cool , and the green Ford on the right is a 'good looker' also My parents traded in the Chevrolet on a Saab in the seventies and never looked back ! They drove Saabs till the day they died ( about 8 years ago) , if GM had NOT killed them that is what I would be driving.
    I too like Saabs, mainly the later "GM Saabs." But, GM lost money on Saab and should never have bought the company in the first place. It's been said that car companies don't make cars; they make money. And, if they can't make money on them then they will have to stop making cars. Being Studebaker fans we are all familiar with that truth.

    Among other things GM had way too many brands of cars.


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      Yup....I am right there with you on the GM /Saab condition. But my daily driver is.............1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula (with a license plate frame that say' other car is a Studebaker). I overheard a father pointing out to his two kids while viewing my car in a big box store parking lot........"look, this guy is a three time looser, a Pontiac, a Fiero and a Studebaker".


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        The SAAB's I've had has all three been 2-strokes, two of them being -64's, my favorite; it's still good looking + it has the later "rally-styled" dash. & you could go pretty fast on curvy gravel roads & you didn't even have to use the handbrake as much as on the front heavy V4 model.
        This is where that picture-that-refuses-to-get-in-here would be...


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          Thoughts in my head...
          To show or discuss the Chrysler or any other brand on other forums is way more boring & less fun then here & that leads me to think about presenting the Chrysler's future here where nice people are plenty! (If that don't disturb anyone..?)

          Today I ran out of cement while I was working on our (very small) pond so I thought I cut out the rusty floor & so I did:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	A27.JPG
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          & since this is a Studebaker forum, even if this is the non-Studebaker-part-of-the-forum I'll also show Josephine:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	z25 JosefineGasser.JPG
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          I was gonna grease her front suspension but I've missplaced the greasegun(!) so instead I took a photo of her a bit lifted at the front cuz I thought "She would look cool as a gasser!"...
          This is where that picture-that-refuses-to-get-in-here would be...