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  • fun with toy trains

    Many of us had toy trains as kids. The bratty kids among us liked to crash their trains, or their cousin's/neighbor's/friend's trains.

    Those kids will love this series.
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    Thats pretty good , Alot of time was taken to do it ,, Luckily he didnt' use a scale Hudson ! Thanks Ed


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      For years we had a HO Scale model railroad in the basement of the caretaker's house on the campus of the school where I work. The students loved to come down to run trains and have some fun. At the top of our list of rules was "DO NOT CRASH THE TRAINS". Some of the engines were ran were hundreds of dollars and belonged to the adult members of our "Club". The first time a student was banished from the club the rest of the students quickly got the message. Boy, did we have fun. We eventually had to tear it all down because they were planning to demolish the building and there was no where else on campus to build a new layout. I ended up selling all my equipment. Model railroading is great fun, and educational.
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        Oh wow. Memories! I still have a decent sized HO layout from childhood, which has managed to get somewhat blocked and built into the upstairs section of the two car garage at my Dad's house in Montana. It's unfinished, but has managed to mostly survive the last 30+ years. I grew out of the trainwreck phase fairly quickly, though I think there's still a battered Burlington Northern locomotive up there that departed the rails at high speed a few times.
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