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Neat long lost Ford Turbine powered truck found

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  • Neat long lost Ford Turbine powered truck found
    (read it backwards)

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    Thank you. I found the article to be very interesting. I was at the NY World's Fair several times, but do not remember that truck.

    It brings back memories of the Chrysler Turbine Car. I saw one of the ones with the Thunderbird look, in a local parking lot. I also saw an earlier Chrysler turbine car (a sedan). This was when it was at the Texaco Research Center undergoing tests. My father was employed there and brought me in at night to see the turbine car.
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      Great article, especially the tie-in with H&M. I remember that sale very well, although I couldn't afford to buy anything.
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        Spent a lot of time at that World's Fair, and remember it well. Admit that I hadn't given much \thought to what happened to it after the fair, however.
        Skip Lackie


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          That truck would fit right in at the antique truck museum in Auburn Indiana, which is housed in an old building from the Auburn Core Deusenberg factory.
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            Didn’t know about the Fords, but the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis has a running Chrysler.


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              Partially related, if you want to hear a turbine engine run, here’s Jay Leno’s turbine-powered Chrysler. It’s a good video with some history, but if you just want to see the car start and drive, skip ahead to the 16:30 mark:

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