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  • Any roofers out there?

    So, I'm learning the new paradigm in roofing. It seems that all of the 6 roofing estimates received in the past 2 weeks, will not address cost of materials or labor. Nor will the reps talk about the higher end products. They certainly quote in bold print, the cost of lumber to replace bad sheathing however. In one brochure was a pamphlet of products, but nothing to see in hand. Also the products ( Certainteed) is not sold in local stores any more, so I can't go look at what they're proposing to install.
    I went around to look at a few of the referenced jobs and the products didn't seem to look as good as what I have right now, just flat 3 tab stuff.

    To add, the only way a homeowner can get a warranty now is to pay for an enhanced ventilation system under the sheathing, at considerable expense and now I'm reading that they can and do deny most warranty claims because they have such exacting specifics that the slightest thing can abort them.

    All it seems to represent, is that they want to make the biggest profit in the shortest amount of time, by installing the easiest thing for them to use, at the homeowners expense. Plus, get in and out of the job as quick as possible.

    My current roof is 25+ years old and has issues but nothing serious. It looks tired however. I helped put it on many years ago, but that is not going to happen again. There are no frills under the shingles, just 30# felt, but only one rep would talk about felt.

    WTH are you supposed to do faced with that?

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    I am not a roofer but I had the ancient, obsolete-technology known as asphalt shingles replaced four years ago with hidden-fastener standing-seam steel roofing.
    I hired a local Amish guy, he brought along two young helpers whom removed the asphalt shingles and disposed of them in a roll-off box, and then installed the steel roofing.
    The steel roofing I purchased directly from my local building supply retailer, which they delivered to my house.
    With steel roofing, it should last a hundred years. If it ever does need replacement, it can be completely recycled rather than disposed of in a landfill like asphalt roofing.

    With that said, go directly to your local building supply retailer (with the square footage of your roof) and get a quote for material. Also, ask them for roofing installer recommendations. Good luck!
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      When we built our retirement home in the British Columbia wilderness about 10 or so years ago, we selected camouflaged steel roofing due to our location in the forest and the possibility of wildfires. In fact the house doesn't show up on a Google search although we know where the house is located on the map. With the recent price hikes lately, I am glad we are not building at this time.


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        Well, thanks but steel will not fly in our area. We have a Homeowners Assn that will nix that in a heartbeat. I've looked for an Amish outfit but they are pretty far away in Pennsylvania. The only product name that is quoted in these estimates I have is Certainteed, which used to be sold in the local lumber stored like Lowes and HD, but no more. So that says one thing to me, ie; they don't want you to see it until it's too late. I emailed a couple more outfits this AM..
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          Certainteed made the 30-year shingles that I originally had on my house, however they only lasted 15 years (defective shingles, the corners of each tab curled-up). The $500 they reimbursed me didn't go very far towards replacing my roof.

          Stone-coated steel shingles are available which look like asphalt shingles, but at $7 per shingle according to the recent Menards ad, makes it about 3-times more expensive than basic asphalt shingles.

          Around me, asphalt is still the most popular roofing choice, and you may need to call around or ask the local building supply retailer for their list of recommended installers as most small-operation roofers don't have a website and often don't advertise either.
          If you can find a roofing business that is only a one or two-man operation, they will likely give you the best price being that they don't have the overhead of the larger roofing companies.
          Just my two cents worth.
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            I had mine done about three years ago. My house originally had Certaineed on it and it made about 25 years but I'm in the woods and that's hard on them.

            All of the bids I got gave the shingle brand/type, square foot coverage and total installed price. Each contractor had samples of what he could install as well as literature and paper work. If they didn't, I would probably found the distributor for that brand and visited them for info. I Googled all the shingles which were all architectural grade for price etc.

            Here, as you found out, the warranty is valid only if the roof gets 5 foot of ice guard (an excellent idea) and the vented underlayment which IIRC was a woven material. I don't think the fabric was all that much and it was worth it to have the warranty. Googling breathable roof underlayment would indicate it can run from about 2x to 5x felt. Not that bad.

            I compared shingles on the internet, asked around about the installers and decided to take the 2nd lowest bid as they came highly rated. Everything went well and I now have another 30 years to go. That will make me 108 when it needs to be replaced.

            My BIL's and I used to do our roofs and close friends/relatives for beer but we got to old for that and I suspect that the way my in-laws could handle beer it would probably have been less expensive to hire the roof done.

            I think it's very possible to over think these things but from my standpoint you want a decent contractor because they will show up with a few folks, strip the roof and cover it in a couple of days. They also carry insurance which is becoming much more important to me in this current environment.

            When the polebarn needed a new roof two years ago the contractor that did mine the year before was sick so I had to find another contractor. Same story as above except it needed a few sheets of OSB replaced. To save communication, as we couldn't be sure how much was needed, we agreed that the cost of replacing the necessary sheets was market value the day of purchase plus $15 labor to replace them.

            There is too much downside to CASO this repair.

            A Brent said above, most of the folks around here have some form of website but word of mouth can find you the ones that are known to do god work at a reasonable price. Drive around and what trucks are parked at jobs and ask or check with friends and neighbors.

            JMO -Bob
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              Originally posted by 64V-K7 View Post
              Well, thanks but steel will not fly in our area. We have a Homeowners Assn that will nix that in a heartbeat. I've looked for an Amish outfit but they are pretty far away in Pennsylvania. The only product name that is quoted in these estimates I have is Certainteed, which used to be sold in the local lumber stored like Lowes and HD, but no more. So that says one thing to me, ie; they don't want you to see it until it's too late. I emailed a couple more outfits this AM..
              HOA does not nix all steel roofing. There are architectural steel shingle that look like asphalt shingles but hold up over a longer period of time. The architectural committee of any HOA would most likely approve the shingles if you were to show samples and finish model home pictures. If I were building or remodeling in a fire area, I would only use steel architectural shingles due to to the fire rating. Certainteed shingle are a composite architectural product. The sales rep should be able to place a sample in your hand to see how you like the color and style. Certainteed shingles hold up similar to good quality composite deck materials used in many areas now. Good luck!

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                It seems to me that roughly 80% of the work done on my house in which I was not an active participant, does not come up to my standards. Around here, they seem to use a lot of day workers who hang around Home Depot and assume that they know their craft. But you know what happens when we assume.

                That is why every few years or so, I do something to improve the place, while I still physically can. In late 2019, a retired contractor friend and I re-roofed the garage and laboratory/radio shop. The construction was only 30 years old, but everyone I got estimates from wanted to strip the original roof. I thought it would be easier and less messy to put another layer of composition shingles over the original, base/low quality composition shingles. Thirty years ago when the structure was being rebuilt, I asked the worker to put on what was then known as 40 year shingles. He put on 15 year shingles instead. So Big Jim and I put on a layer of top-line white colored composition shingles, two roof vents, a new skylight, and a new design of woven fabric underlayment.

                I was surprised at the intensity of fear of heights that had to be dealt with, but I did it. And the project was done to my satisfaction. It should still be good long after I am gone.

                All this is just to say good luck finding someone who will do a good job and not screw things up. I feel for ya.
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                  There are 5-6 other owners in my neighborhood looking also. Four, at least have been told they have to replace every piece of sheathing, which to me is far fetched, actually tantamount to fleecing the elderly. Some situations do need some work but not this much. I just cannot abide by this type of enterprise.
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                    In Arizona we have a variety of roofs. The weather extremes from 110 in the summer to 32 or below in winter are hard on roofs. Our roof was a built up roof with loose gravel. It was replaced by a white coated roof that has lasted without a problem for over 15 years.

                    I called a few roofing contractors in the Yellow pages (!). Some came out for an estimate; their trucks were there with a shine that you could see your reflection. After about 4 high dollar estimates, I asked friends for who they had used or recommended. One of them, so and so and sons, a family business, came up in a truck that had dents and tar on the truck. He gave me two prices, one for removing all the gravel, and one for the roof with coating. I decided to use the gravel for front yard landscaping and then proceeded to have the roof done. After the removal of the gravel, they did the job in one day on a 2,660 sq ft roof.

                    Their cost was $3,000 less than anyone else and there was no debris after the job. Several neighbors saw then at the home, got estimates, and soon they have more work.

                    Good Luck

                    Bob Miles


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                      Makes me feel fortunate. Twenty years ago a union roofer on strike did two roofs for me. I purchased the 45 yr. quality from an outlet that he recommended. Both still look good twenty years later. Both jobs included a three roof tear off, extra venting, and an extra nail to secure again high wind conditions. The roofer had his three boys aged fourteen to eighteen and an old retired roofer working with him. The father and the kids were all part of a three generational family of NW rock mechanics, and their surefootedness really showed itself.