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Fumoto engine oil drain valves

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  • Fumoto engine oil drain valves

    I've never heard of this product before. It was a toss up as to whether this should go here or in the Tech forum. Since Fumoto doesn't list Studebaker in its application chart, Stove Huggers wins out. I wouldn't be surprised if an existing model had the correct threading but I'm not sure if I would want one on the 259 I shoe-horned into my M5. I'd have to see if it would stick down too far putting it at risk of getting hit by road debris.

    I'd certainly be interested in one for my Honda snow blower which has a poorly placed plug. Allowing me to attach a tube to drain the oil would save a lot of mess.

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    The problem we had when we used these on our rental fleet was how long it took to drain the sump. If you compare the I.D. of the usual drain plug to the I.D. size of the ball valve in the device you can see why the longer drain times.

    As your use will be on a 'hobby' car, time may not be the issue it was for us in a commercial use.


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      Bob....used to use one on my boat....the less time on my belly in the bilge the better
      Bill Foy
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        I remember encountering these on a couple pieces of industrial equipment I used to service. Seemed to work very well, and the release lever was set up so that it would be very hard to unintentionally open; much more positive action than a generic ball valve. Though the opening was smaller, I don't remember it draining much slower... probably could be an issue if oil wasn't up to operating temperature or the sump is of an unusually large capacity.

        Thought about installing one on a pickup that I drove enough that it needed an oil change once a month, but never got to it.
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