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    Dang,I'm getting old. Yesterday I bought 4 194 dash bulbs( not for a studebaker) at $#@! Zone. They were $13.00 + change. They USED to be .98 cents. Rockauto has them for .16 cents a piece. Wow, that was a real eye opener....

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    But how much would the shipping have been?
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      You have a good point, when you order several items from RA they could ship from 2 or more locations and guess who gets to pay a Huge Shipping Charge for each one?
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        I've always avoided auto parts stores; the cost of bulbs in those 2 per blister packs adds right up, and then they often only stock long life... I avoid those, save for a very few applications where short bulb life is a real issue (i.e. the 1003 courtesy lamp in my daily driver truck). My solution has always been to pluck bulbs, fuses, flashers, relays, etc. while I'm at the wrecking yard... a good place to get wedge base bulbs is from instrument clusters- most of the indicator/warning light positions contain essentially brand new bulbs... nobody can drive 2500 hours with an oil pressure or coolant temp light on, ergo, a bulb that has 2499.5 hours left in it. You do have to be careful, as bulb numbers prefaced with "PC" *may* have the bulb welded to the plastic base.

        I think I have ~50+ different bulb numbers on hand, and I'll guess that the average cost is a few cents per bulb... I don't stuff my pockets, so do put 'em on the counter with the rest of my stuff when checking out. Most of the wrecking yards charge very little, or sometimes nothing... though a couple of the U-Pull franchises think they're gold. I have placed a couple orders with online suppliers for large quantities or odd ones like #657 and 503 (elevator indicator and emergency lighting), and the quality of modern production bulbs can be hit or miss.
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          WOW, thirteen bucks for 4 incandecent #194 bulbs , that's insane. Last time I bought one downtown they were four for a buck. I did recently buy four #194 "super bright" (and they are) amber LED bulbs on Ebay to replace the incandescent ones, that weren't bright enough, in some turn signals on a motorcycle I built during the lockdown. I thought they were too expensive at six bucks a pair, but they were true to their advertising and did solve the problem of the dim incandescent bulbs. I could have gotten four for three bucks if I wanted to wait two months for them to arrive from China, If they ever did, but I opted to go with a seller in the states. They were delivered to my door in a week.Click image for larger version

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