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Jay Leno on car restoration

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  • Jay Leno on car restoration
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    Thanks for posting this. There are some very true words spoken there. It took me four years to get a body off restore good enough to take a drive. Without doing most of the work yourself, most people can't afford to do a full restore.


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      It only took me 1,300 man hours and that's without a motor rebuild or any mechanical stuff as that was already done (it was my driver) but the body was totally shot in 2003 I started and in 2006 it was back together but still work to be done in so much as chrome and detail $$$$$ stuff. I guess it was really completed around 2010. Amazing amount of work, time, money and exhausting tedious work. Was it worth it, to me it was worth it, but not in a financial way. I probably have $50,000 into a 1961 Hawk. Want to buy Studebaker stock from me? See the black paint, it's POR15. I used the POR15 on the sandblasted metal, used their primer. I don't think the car will rust!!!
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        Thanks for sharing! If someone has never been through the process of restoration, it's impossible for him to understand all that goes into getting it right. I see cars that someone has spent thousands of hours restoring, being ripped apart by some people have never twisted a wrench or blocked out a body and wonder what gives them the right to rip into someone else's work!

        When I see a restored car bought at one of the big auction houses, selling for sometimes less then half of what it cost to build it, and then immediately see that car go on the show field-I wonder at the disconnect between the restoration process and the accolades to the new owner. When a car's history is recounted years after it's restoration, car owners and awards won are discussed, but the thing that goes without fanfare is the name(s) of the guy who did the work.


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          So true.
          Just the hours cleaning everything underneath would eat up the cost estimate of the uninformed.
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            Might be a good idea to merge this with the thread already started about this 3 days ago

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              That’s exactly why I had Craig Piper do our 57 GH frame off restoration. It wasn’t cheap or quick but I’ve got piece of mind and an absolutely gorgeous car. The paint is immaculate, runs great and no mysterious noises.... Thank you Craig, Garvin and team and Westmoreland Antique Restoration’s!!