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Correct nut driver size

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  • Correct nut driver size

    So I am about to R&R a few VU meters on several of my Roberts reel to reels. I get the chassis out of the encasement only to discover I do not have a small enough nut driver to remove four of the mini nuts from behind the meter. The smallest driver I have is 3/16ths. What would be the next lower size under the aforementioned 3/16ths? Would a general hardware store have mini drivers?

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    Google man!
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      Well it seems I actually need a 5/32 nut driver....I bet that is just the socket I lost last year;-(


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        I believe this is what you want Hawklover -

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          I am not familiar with the Roberts brand. But since they were made in Japan, is the hardware SAE or metric?
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            Yo Roy! Roberts was actually an American company, and as such were headquartered on Bowcroft Street in Los Angeles. Later Rheem bought them out as they were looking to cash in at the time with government contracts for companies electronic products for schools is a very long story of how the President of Roberts co-mingled some products with AKAI. More to the point all of my Roberts machines (I have 6 of them) are not metric at all...all standard American . Additionally I found that I needed a 5/32" socket!


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              Originally posted by showbizkid View Post
              Many thanks Clark!.........I will purchase one, and I have to keep telling myself to not lend tools!