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240 Year Old Doll

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  • 240 Year Old Doll

    ...centuries old technology

    The Swiss had/have some genius mechanical engineers and craftsmen.

    Swiss-made watch movements that are still among the best today. A 240-year-old doll; you have never seen anything like this before.
    Truly Amazing...
    Watch the doll's eyes as he writes with a pen on the paper.
    Yes, it is 240 years old
    This video will fascinate just about all the engineers, artists, clock makers, doll makers, computer programmers, want-to-be inventors or basically anyone out there that likes to tinker.
    This is far more than tinkering. When you view this, think computers.
    Enjoy. It is truly amazing and remember,
    This was built in the 1770's.
    It is hard for me to visualize making 6000 parts by hand and designing something like this at the same time America was going through the war of independence – had to have taken a long while, unreal patience and amazing creativity. /the-writer-automaton

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    Amazing! Thanks for posting. Sent to my granddaughters as well.


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      That is remarkable. I can't imagine the amount of skill and patience it must have taken to design and build that machine. And the fact that what it writes can be changed hobbles the mind to even conceive the idea, let alone make it work. I don't know where you find these treasures, Bill. But keep them coming.
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        Thanks for sharing!


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          Beautiful and meticulous craftsmanship. The camera work, while nice, did remind me of of shows like Alfred Hitchcock, and Twilight Zone. The close ups did seem to present a human quality. I almost could see a story about the doll writing down future events.

          Now, don't let anyone have nightmares over the doll

          Bob Miles