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The family name Studebaker

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  • The family name Studebaker

    Seen on today’s news coverage of the terrible Texas winter storm conditions, an interviewed young university student (pictured) caught my eye.

    I’m curious when the Studebaker name of 1852 later dissipated into US history, when were they no longer part of the company they are named for? Well before the Erskine came forward, etc?

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    The Complete Studebaker Story by Bill Cannon and Fred Fox will answer most if not all your questions. The copies show up on Ebay and Amazon from time to time. The Studebaker family arrived in 1736. The name Studebaker originally meant baker of pies and later became know as craftsmen of swords. Get the book if you can. I gave my copy and regret I did. I guess I will have to get another copy. Invaluable resource. It would take a very large post to get all the infomation.

    Bob Miles


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      If you're into Studebaker genealogy this 910 page book is the one to have. Paid $33.00 for it in 1976. This is for genealogy fans not car people.

      Click image for larger version

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        In the 80's, Carroll and Verneda Studebaker attended a few of our annual Southern Arizona Chapter's banquet held in January. I won an auction item of the black and white Studebaker models poster and he signed it for me. Never got to see him driving his electric but I am told he would quietly drive up and then honk the bulb horn.

        Bob Miles


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          “...he would a quietly drive up and then honk the bulb horn.”

          That was a favorite trick of an old friend of mine as well, His was a 1920 Detroit Electric coupe with tiller steering. He’d mounted a buzzer sounding electric door bell. Man would they jump!