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Amazing cockpit video of B-52

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  • Amazing cockpit video of B-52

    Amazing cockpit video of B-52H Air Force Global Strike training missions | American Military NewsAmerican Military News

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    I live about 7 miles from Barksdale Air Force Base. I see and hear B-52s almost every day, as my property seems to be right in the flight path as they practice touch-and-goes. If I’m outside I wave at very one of them as they come over. I know they can’t see me, but that doesn’t matter.

    Those eight engine have a distinctive whistle that is different than any other Air Force planes that come over me. I can’t count how many times I’ve been mowing the lawn and a B-52 has come up behind me and my first thought is that the lawn mower has just crapped out. That lasts about a second in my mind and I realize that I’ve been tricked again by that roar and whistle.

    When I carried the mail for USPS I had a collection route that took me onto the base. I drove right down the road next to the flight line. I was surprised by how skinny the aircraft appeared when viewed from directly in front compared to the length.



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      I had the experience of being very close to the receiving end of the 52's while doing 2 tours in Viet Nam in 65-66-67. The damage done during these Air Strikes was not to be believed...