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    I just went out to start my van to go to work. On the way past my Hawk, I noticed the paint was all ... cracked? Chipped? Peeling off anyway. It DEFINITELY didn’t look like that last week! The car had an Earl Scheib-style repaint at some point in the past, so maybe I found a new way of removing the old finish...
    Proud new owner of a 56 Power Hawk!


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      Originally posted by Flashback View Post

      Man, you ain't right. If she sees this you may GET OUT of the house on your way to the EMERGENCY ROOM
      Gosh, you have a point there... maybe I should close the blinds??
      Dave Lester


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        Ref # 14,15 & 17

        I see a pattern here....... Maybe we can include the noisy grand kids.


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          I solved that problem! I moved to South Carolina! But down here, everybody complains when it's below 45 degrees.

          "We can't all be Heroes, Some us just need to stand on the curb and clap as they go by" Will Rogers

          We will provide the curb for you to stand on and clap!

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            Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post
            Wait until is above 40 deg in the polebarn while doing small projects and practicing chipping and putting in the heated area above.

            40, that's my cut off too Bob. I can get a 24x24 up to 40 degrees pretty easy with the salamander running. Once I can't see my breath its plenty warm enough to wrench on stuff.
            Very enjoyable garage time.
            Flannel lined jeans are your friend, as is carpet scrap if you have to get down on the concrete.


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              Below 60 degrees , I'm out of shop in house. Course yesterday morning it was 19 degrees here in Alabama and I had to go to work


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                Into our 5th day 30+ (celsius) here in Melbourne down under fellas .....sorry couldn't resist