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Wife's Recovering Well From Surgery

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  • Wife's Recovering Well From Surgery

    Thank The Lord, my wife of 36 years is recovering well from a serious surgery. I have been out of circulation on the car stuff for bout three months. Doctors finally found her problem and she had surgery bout 2 weeks ago now. I have had to be in hospital and at home with her for this time . Today i went out in the shop for a while and got a couple items ready to ship to people i had promised earlier If I have not been responsive to anyone that has sent me a PM, please forgive me,, My Wife has been my major concern. She's back goin some and this weather is going to let up and I will be back to work and to my Stude.

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    It's good to hear that she is doing well, and you definitely have your priorities where they need to be. Wish her luck in her recovery.


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      Great news. Hopefully a complete recovery.



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        Glad to hear it. As a caregiver, don't forget to take care of yourself. Blessings on both of you.

        Bob Miles


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          Always great news to hear of a recovery going well, specially a loved one. Prayers sent your way.
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