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    ^ Glad to hear you two are doing okay.

    Originally posted by 6hk71400 View Post

    The Southern Arizona Chapter is still holding a socially distance board meeting on the third Monday of each month at 11:30 at a local restaurant with a special room off the main restaurant. The main difference is we cannot do any long term events for the present, just a couple of months at a time.

    Bob Miles
    Sounds fair. It seems that our current operating mode has been working well, and hopefully that will continue into the future.

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      In spite of known for being backward, West Virginia has had the best state management record of COVID-19 Vaccine in spite of not receiving the amount of vaccine needed.

      Most county health departments have managed the vaccine clinics well by using registration tickets. However, our Health Department insisted on "first come, first serve" when vaccine was available. We missed the first one for'80 and above because we hadn't looked at our newspaper until evening. The next clinic was for '65 and above. The clinic was supposed to be vaccinating people from 10 AM through 6 PM Saturday at the local sports center. When we reached the general area by 9:45 AM, there were cars backed up in all the streets. We finally were told that all the vaccine was used up before 10 AM. They actually had cars filling the parking lot at midnight and the staff began the vaccination. That was such a disaster that the clinic folks finally went to using reservations. So, I filled out a fairly complicated form and I submitted it on line. I was given a confirmation number 10421 on line. I immediately filled out the same form for my wife and she got 10471 (50 numbers within a few minutes).

      A few days later I received a call for my time and day at the sports center and I made it in to the vaccination yesterday. However, my wife didn't receive a call and I have no real way to find out if she is still on or not.

      On the plus side, everything was very well run this time (on Saturday)- lots of police controlling the one-way entrance, people controlling the parking and calling out groups of people still sitting in the cars (like me), lots of people guiding us through the process. I got a shot in a couple minutes and, believe it or not, the vaccine was painless. The woman who gave me the painless shot gave me a three page paper detailing living with the vaccine. She then entered the day and time for when I was to receive the second shot and I will repeat the handling process to complete the vaccination. From the inoculation room (big with at least 20 people widely spaced giving the shots), we were held for 15 minutes in another large room to make sure each person wasn't suffering any kind of side effect. When my 15 minutes were up I walked out, got in the car and drove out the one-way exit, turned left on the street and was home in about 10 minutes.

      Life is not simple.
      Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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