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  • Outdoor car cover recommendations

    I need to store my Sky Hawk outside for the winter and I need some good advice. Thanks

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    Is there any way you can put one of those tent-like car ports above it?
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      I just bought another from . Pretty reasonable, my last one from them has lasted 5 years or so. It's breathable, and for the first several years will repel water. Later on, it won't and is like a wet blanket. If all you need is a couple of years of use, it's a good value IMHO.
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        For you folks living where winter is real, I can think of no simple fabric type car cover sufficient to keep a car covered for months? If the trapped moisture/condensation and mold doesn't damage your metal, upholstery, etc., rodents will move in and what they don't chew up, they will crap and pee on. Also, the wind will move the cover around and even tiny dust particles and the fabric of the cover will begin to break down and abraid you paint. If you are fortunate to not live under one of the bedwetter HOA dorm mother organizations, perhaps you can get a metal carport to park it under. There again, it will need to be constructed to withstand occasional high winds, and something not too often considered where I live..."snow load."

        A couple of years ago,(this far south) we had a few freezing rain and snowstorms that caved-in and buckled a bunch of the lower-priced metal carports. I wish I knew of a quick cheap solution to your request. If I did, my place would be full of them.

        So I noticed that Ron Dame was responding to this and I thought I needed to come back and edit my post because we live close to one another and it looks like we are contradicting each other. However, Ron actually has a bit harsher climate than I do due to the altitude and closeness of the mountains that protect me and yet...pummel him less than 40 miles north. So, if he is using a cover that lasts there, I'm pretty sure it is better quality than I have in mind.
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          Some of us have tiny lots and zoning John, and can't do a carport. Yet sometimes we need our tiny garages for other things and need temporary storage outside, but protected from UV rays, bird crap, leaves, etc.
          I agree there is no cover good for more than temporary use outside, yet a few months (or more) has not hurt my truck yet and kept the junk from getting behind the trim, into the doors, and kept the sun from rotting the upholstery.
          Ron Dame
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            I’ve been eying and tent frames and vermin. The car is in mini storage while Ed Jones and I have my M5 torn apart - it’s a hassle to go get the car for a drive and then put it back up. I put a bunch of vermin repellent all in the car and mini storage space. I’ll probably go with a cover.

            Ron - did you get the best from car They are 50% off right now.

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              I have one from California Car Covers and it works fine. I have a Sky Hawk too. We are in a very small group as there may be as few as 100 or so registered.
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                I tried the HBF “pole tent” shelters for my Willys and all it did was rain inside from the pent-up condensation. Disastrous - and returned to HBF with no questions. Too humid some days even in winters in NC....

                I’m using a unique laminate (Kono) cover for my ‘08 VW Eos and so far it seems great. No sweating underneath, no leaks at all.

                For my ‘62 Champ I’m using a 10 ‘x 20’ storage locker nearby that yes, is a $100/mo but gives me peace of mind from the elements over winter and under the heavy rain and sun events we get here. Don’t have quite enough room around the house for both the Lark and Champ and it’s cheaper than building a garage in the long run.


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                  Originally posted by rowan View Post
                  I’ve been eying and tent frames and vermin. The car is in mini storage while Ed Jones and I have my M5 torn apart - it’s a hassle to go get the car for a drive and then put it back up. I put a bunch of vermin repellent all in the car and mini storage space. I’ll probably go with a cover.

                  Ron - did you get the best from car They are 50% off right now.
                  No, but they weren't 50% off then. I bought the next best however.
                  Ron Dame
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                    First one I bought was from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories forty years ago; which I assume became California Car Cover. It was 100% cotton and fit my '53 Starlight like a glove. Lasted outdoors for four years before it fell apart. The elements will do that to cotton.
                    I bought one off Ebay (don't remember the store) half a dozen years ago for the '51 Starlight in a generic medium size. It was 100% polypropylene, and worked reasonably well. But the sun especially takes its toll on plastics (poly), and this one will be in the trash can before my next birthday (on Tuesday).
                    I have a new one coming from Car Cover dot com.
                    If I can get reasonable winter protection outside for four to six years for a couple hundred dollars, I don't expect ANY to beat the elements.
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                      Under any storage conditions where your vehicle is laid up for months or even weeks on end, don’t forget to place a desiccator like Damp-Rid or Dri-Z-Air inside on the floor.

                      These keep the moisture that gets trapped by most of these covers from ruining our interiors.

                      (The condensate that gets created in the bottom vessel is very acidic. Take care not to spill when discarding).


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                        My suggestion: enclosed trailer. Yes I know it’s pricey, but I have yet to see a car stored outdoors with any kind of cover in contact with the surface that didn’t deteriorate. A trailer is good because you can put it in a number of places if you can’t keep it at home, condensation isn’t a problem, if you want you can keep a small electric heater in there, and when you don’t want it anymore you can usually get your money back. And if you search you can find a usable 20’-24’ for about $3K or so. New ones can be bought in GA starting as low as $4K.

                        My Speedster will spend the winter in my brand new trailer, which won’t be seeing winter use anyway. She will be safe and sound, and will emerge in spring as beautiful as ever.
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                          I've been using a Noah fabric, Covercraft custom cover on a newer car the past 2-1/2 years, that sits outside in the Philadelphia area so it's seeing similar weather as you. It came from Car Covers Direct. Overall I'm happy with it and it fits great as it is made specifically for the car.
                          Looks like the covers from are what they call "Semi custom", so don't expect it to be cut exactly to the shape of your Hawk. My GT Hawk sits inside under an Evolution (4??) fabric cover that I believe came from Beverly Hills, but I'm not sure now. It also is "custom" and cut specifically for the car. Searching around, you can find custom cut covers for your Sky Hawk, if that's what you'd prefer. They do cost more. If not, that Platinum Shield cover from seems like a good choice and has a lifetime warranty. Plus they are throwing in some free stuff now as well like a cable and lock, a bag, and some towels.
                          Let us know what you end up with. Curious how you like what you get. Tell Ed that Matt says "Hi"! Been a long time..

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                            Hey, stud-e-holics, I'm new to the Board but have owned Studebakers for 30 years. Like "Rowan," who started this question, I have to store my car outside this winter. I see that several people, starting with Ron Dame, like the top-of-the-line cover at Question: those are listed as "semi-custom," which means, of course, that they aren't really cut from a pattern to match your specific car. Do those covers fit your car well? I currently have a '53 Commander Hardtop and I'm basically worried the cover will blow off and end up in my neighbors driveway...


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                              Mine was initially way too big, but they swapped it without hassle and paid shipping both ways.
                              Ron Dame
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