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"Goosing" a throttle by wire vehicle??

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  • "Goosing" a throttle by wire vehicle??

    Need to locate the source of some probably bearing or belt squeaking on a "throttle by wire" vehicle. At idle its quiet but starts making noise a little off idle and up. This is throttle by wire so there is no way to rev it up underhood by shoving on the throttle lever (there is none). Throttle is controlled by some actuator on the throttle body via the engine computer.

    All I got now for ideas is a cement block on the floor and some wood to force the pedal as I don't have any helpers.

    I am sure the dealers and pro mechanics have a "scan" tool that can be used to override the pedal and control engine RPM remotely but I don't have anything like that.

    Jeff in ND

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    It would be a bit of work, but you should be able to remove the throttle actuator and get to the throttle shaft. Just guessing if this will work, because you didn't mention what vehicle that you are working on. Good Luck with it.


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      Got any small air cylinders kicking around? Or make one up from various pieces of PVC pipe and some O-ring seals. One end clamped to the accelerator pedal, the other to the steering wheel. Flex hose to a "valve" in your hand. "Valve" is a piece of pipe, with a quarter-turn valve and an airline quick-connect on it, and a large hole in the side that you can cover with your thumb. Connect to your shop air, crack the quarter-turn valve to let a weak stream of air through, and place your thumb over the hole. Cylinder extends, opens throttle. Take thumb off hole, and air escapes, throttle closes. You might want to add a return spring if throttle pedal spring is not strong.

      Your "air cylinder" does not necessarily need to have a piston and seals. Telescoping tubing, capped, and rubber bellows like used on steering racks would work fine, too. All depends upon what is in your junk box.

      You could probably also make a similar device using a linear actuator for power door locks. Modern ones are often a small electric motor driving a rack and pinion through a small gear train.
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        What you are looking for is a "Pedal depressing Tool" Just an adjustable rod the fits between the seat and pedal . Any FLAPS should have one on hand. about $30....
        Or for the I did it my self method try an adjustable curtain rod 5 bucks at your local dollar store... DMc